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  • Hey, I’m setting up a bot friendly blog. I have a couple reasons for doing this. I am courious just how crazy the blog can get, and wondering if I can channel the bots, and still keep a regular blog going.

    Then I want to set up the site in sections for bots and users. I wonder how much activity this blog will get from bots and others.

    Oh well, this could be fun and educational also. If it burns too much bandwidth I will unplug it.

    As of this post, no bots have posted.

    First thing I would like to find out is if there is a plugin for posting time-outs?

    And secondly, I would like to see if my setting are correct for anybody to post, as I will not moderate this blog. Have a ball, But be warned, there may be objectionable posts also. Nothing there yet, so be the first to post

    Thanks much

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