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  • Mark (podz)


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    This comes preloaded with 2 Adsense blocks that use the ID of the author.

    I consider this to be incredibly bad practice and there is no way on earth I can believe they have been ‘left there by mistake’.

    Avoid the theme.

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  • -or-
    Remove the Adsense blocks.
    Change the ID to your own.

    But I agree, it’s bad practice for theme designers.

    Considering it’s legal to sell a theme outright (let’s say $75), right, this may be a bad practice but really not too big a difference, assuming it explains in the readme/site that the AdSense goes to the author until the user changes it, and is not a trick. So… can we see the link to the theme? 😎 I admire your chivalry Podz.

    Funny you posted this thread beacuse I just ranted about this to a fellow blogger a few days ago.Many themes from that site come with a lot of the Author’s “stuff” included.However, he’s not the only one.I have downloaded quite a few themes that come with the Author’s adsense codes pre-installed and even came across one that said not to remove the code.It’s the new thing I guess but it is definitely bordering on desperation.I don’t use my own Adsense code on my blog so I sure as heck don’t plan to use someone elses… lol.

    Just makes me even more grateful for theme designer’s like Beccary and Fernado who have ethnics and make themes to share with the WP community and not just to make a cheap buck.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I am concerned because new users may not understand that they can pull that junk out. New users may think it has to stay. New users may think the cash will go to them.

    I am seeing an increase in so-called ‘GPL’ themes where authors are insisting that links remain visible – that is NOT GPL.

    And I would encourage anyone who sees a theme for download that has ANY ads to report it here and if it is from the Theme Viewer, to Shadow.

    Wouldn’t a requirement that themes be released under GPL itself violate the spirit of the GPL?

    The borobudur theme is a great piece of work built around the Adsense and Technorati code. I suppose he could release it with filler, but there’s nothing in the theme as it stands that a literate person should have any problem understanding. Especially given that the code is marked:

    <!-- start remove this -->

    at the front and

    <!-- end remove this -->

    at the end.

    But for that matter, if someone wants ads as the price of using their theme and you don’t want ads on your blog you have two options – ask them if you can buy it outright instead or don’t use their work.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Wouldn’t a requirement that themes be released under GPL itself violate the spirit of the GPL?”
    Probably true 🙂

    What that theme needs is a README where it is made abundantly clear just what is in it and how to remove it. We have had questions here before from people with ads in their themes and not knowing where they come from. In fact I only noticed it because I had to edit something. Had I not had to do that then I would not have seen them – Adblock + Gfilter are damn good.

    Bad form indeed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Podz.

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