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    Site is:

    Having played with the floats I’ve pretty much got it the way I want, although I have a few niggles.

    1) there is a 1px gap in the right hand side of the top right red float. This is for FF.

    2) If you look at the screen shot for IE, however, you will note some seriously borkage. I’m not sure where to start with that – where on Earth that entire side panel came from I don’t actually know, I also noticed that the footer doesn’t quite go full length and is short by a few pxs. The bottom left hand pink float has the text disappearing 🙁

    Can someone guide me to fixing these problems?

    Additionally, will placing a menu in any of the floats cause the floats to crumble? I think I have to do the faux columns effect in order to have the blanks blue spaces to be coloured the same as the float?

    Thanks in advance

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