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  • Aloha,

    I have thrown together a new blog on, but the layout seems a bit boring 🙁

    Any ideas? I like the threecolumn layout, but maybe I can do something about the zebra colorscheme?


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  • I like the layout. It’s simple and clean. I prefer a two-column layout over a three-column layout and would recommend that you put your Google AdSense code below your sidebar rather than having a separte column for it.

    You can spice your layout up by adding CSS effects to your links and categorical headinds. That’s always a nice way to add drama to your design.

    Thank you for your comments. I agree that a bit of drama would be a good idea.

    Do you think there will be more clicks on my ads if I put it below my sidebar?

    What is most effective? To put the sidebar/ads on the left side or the right side?

    In terms of what will make users click the ads, I honestly can’t give you any sort of knowledgable feedback on that. I’ve never used Google AdSense or any form of adverts on any of my sites and have no idea what strategic placement could do to imporve revenue generation. As someone who is viewing your site, though, it seems odd to me to have them placed between your content and your sidebar. Normally people place them on the site in an out-of-the-way manner, which is probably why having them placed between your content and sidebar looks strange to me.

    Google Adsense ads are “targeted” ads. It chooses its ads based on the content of the page. So given that assumption, it’s better to place the ads on post page. That would make the ads more specific and more related to the post. And assuming the reader has interest in the material covered in the post, there’s a greater chance that he/she would click on the ads.

    In my blog, I have no ads on the main page, but a single line text Ad on the post page . My two cents.

    I like your theme. Very simple and easy to read for these old eyes.

    You could spice up your header a bit. Over all your theme is quite nice.

    I would definitely move those ads out of the way. I didn’t even realize that you had a sidebar beause it blends right in with the ads!

    Try changing your font/font sizes/color around. I would also make the links/hover a bit more fun…

    Two links to take the user home is also a bit overkill!

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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