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  1. Bianc
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all

    I'm starting off a blog at http://captainvagueout.com/discopig/ - I'm trying out the 'boredom' theme but the sidebar seems to cut off after the 'themes' subheading. The strange thing is, I don't even have a 'themes' category.

    Looking at the source, the page code simply simply stops at the end of the subheading </div>. There's no </body> or </html>, suggesting the production of the code simply stops, but I've no idea why.

    Has anyone come across a similar issue with (a) the Boredome theme, or (b) page code abruptly cutting off?


  2. monkeypup
    Posted 10 years ago #

    First thing I'd do is re-download the theme and switch out the sidebar.php file.

    The theme switcher code is this:

  3. <div class="sb_header"><h2>Themes</h2></div>
    <?php wp_theme_switcher(); ?>
  4. You should be able to yank it to remove it from your theme. It's for people that have the theme switcher plugin installed. Hope this helps.

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