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  • Hey guys, I wrote this random script thing that’ll grab a random WP powered blog from the blog list 2fargon graciously gave me and redirect you to it.
    Check it out HERE. Each time you click the link, it’ll go to another wp blog. There are a lot of dead ones and I am planning on making some sort of top bar with like a link to go to another blog and a report dead blog so I can keep the wp blogs clean. If you guys want it on your blogs just use
    Random WordPress Blog
    Tell me what you think 😀

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  • Cool, man.
    Add my blog to the list 😉 :

    wow. it must have taken forever to check that all the blog owners were happy to be co-opted into your webring! kudos to you for putting in the effort.

    1) Ummm… how does that work?
    2) Where’s the privacy statement? You’re grabbing info about people and not telling them. For shame!
    3) How would one get out of the pool? I’m guessing once you’ve pinged once, you’re in and that’s that?
    4) I’m a little bit leary about being in a list that’s just floating out there…. even if 2fargonwas the one who put it together….. but ESPECIALY if podz had a hand in it ;P (kidding guys)
    5) Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but 26000 sounds high to me. Are you sure all you have in there are unique root URLs to WP blogs?

    Privacy statement, TechGnome?
    You live in the USA, in a country with virtually no privacy and you complain about your blog being indexed or linked? The web is based on linking and you must accept links to your blog as long as it is public…

    Just for you TechGnome, I grabbed yours out. And if you search “powered by wordpress” there is a lot more than 26000, this is just a short list of it. And if you are so weary about privacy, why did you ping services in the first place…you know a lot of people will see your site on the front page of the pinging services.
    If you were sarcastic, ignore what I said.

    um, what about people who don’t live in the USA? what about people who want their blogs to be friends and family only but aren’t tech-savvy enough to turn off the pings that wordpress sends out by default? people who’ve blocked the google robots but didn’t know there was a wordpress one they might want to block too?
    oh, and if you didn’t know already, 1.3 is going to ping every time you load your admin pages by remote-loading a firefox promotion button. so i guess if privacy matters to you this is the wrong software to be using.

    In my opinion, you must protect your private content on the web with a password, the rest is public…

    Protect your private content by not putting it up on the web, period. Otherwise, you take your chances.

    Very interesting, and pretty cool too.
    Just a suggestion..
    Maybe make it so we can enter a URL to check if our blogs are already in the database?

    Chris uses a list that contains all the URLs I have in the database, so it is not a database he’s using that’s updated with new blogs every now and then.
    If anyone has objections to their pages being crawled, either do not ping update services, or put in a robots.txt file saying you do not want bots to crawl/index your site.
    If someone would not like their site included in the list, let me know at mail at carthik dot net

    Apparently there is this site called Google that has been linking to my highly secret blog entries at for years. McCarthyism gone mad is what I say. You post your information on the information superhighway and suddenly people read it, the swines.

    Chris: Thanks for the suggestion, I plan on doing more with this.

    Sweet! Add me to the list please!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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