• I say this is borderline scammy because, as others have stated, it serves no real function as a plugin. It just places links within your dashboard that take you away from your site to use the tools at SiteSell. Apparently for just a very limited time after which you lose most functionality and must make a purchase.

    Having been a SiteSell customer some years ago, I was hoping that they had updated the one or two decent SEO tools they had and brought those functions into your WP site, like any other true plugin does.

    RE: the business-building service product of this “plugin”

    As a past SiteSell user some things I recall; Ken Evoy, the founder and author of the Action Guide used in this business building product, espoused for YEARS that WordPress was a horrible product (.com and .org) and anyone using it was destined to fail. Not sure how he reconciles that with this now.

    The company still actively markets the same tools to a different customer base, that includes hosting for double the price of this. And I believe….with that SBI! branded product, you pay $300 per site / per year.

    When you compare this to that, those folks must be scratching their heads, and feeling a little punked. Unless SiteSell has modified the SBI plan to give those folks additional value, or at least stopped double+ charging customers who have more than one site hosted on their servers.

    The other thing….and I’m going off memory…but that Action Guide, which is the core of this service, turned out to be a bust after the Panda/Penguin roll outs. So as of my last recollection, this company was not creating successful businesses with their method. The bottom pretty much fell out for them when Google changed the rules.

    If you want to access the Wordtracker tool for $149 a year then go for it. It’s cheaper than paying Wordtracker directly for a year, but I would be careful of anything else this company is offering.

    It doesn’t seem they’ve really changed the stuff that wasn’t working. It looks like they just rebranded so they could access WP users.

    I am a stickler for keeping my plugins down to a minimum and this thing is already gone. It adds no valuable function to my site.

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