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  • Try changing the URL in brackets to the absolute URL of the file. So, change:

    behavior: url(;


    behavior: url(;

    Should fix it.

    Oh.. Thanks ))

    How do i do this on a local install of wordpress?

    For local installs

    The issue with local installs (and many live web servers) is that Apache may not be configured to send the correct headers for HTC files. This causes them to not be recognized by IE.

    If you don’t want to dig into Apache config (or don’t have access), you can borrow the technique used by CSS3PIE. Instead of linking to the HTC file in CSS, link to a PHP file that serves the HTC with correct headers.


    div.widget-footer {
        behavior: url(/absolute/path/to/ie-css3.php);

    PHP (ie-css3.php)

    header( 'Content-type: text/x-component' );
    include( '';

    by absolute path, do you mean just http://localhost/wordpress/



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    here is my css and again….. i have placed both files (just in case) in all directories below xampp.

    the last two behaviors should have a “\” rather then “/”, either way it did not work.

    behavior: url(http://localhost/wordpress/ie-css3.php);
    behavior: url(/wordpress/ie-css3.php);

    And just ONE behavior declaration.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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