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    Could someone check the above page and tell me what it is I’m missing… The page wrapper should have a grey border on the left and right sides extending the length of the content. On every page except single posts WITHOUT comments the border shows, on the above page (and all others with no comments) the wrapper is getting ended early, although this isn’t apparent (to me at least) in the source for the page. However all pages validate and it’s doing my head in, really need to get it sorted.

    Can anyone help? It’s probably something stupid I’m overlooking but it feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall.

    Thanks, Lee

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  • Don’t double post.

    As far as the border issue, it’s IE related. The only suggestion I can give you is to play with the height padding and margin values of the class boxHead. Maybe doing a little IE hack.

    Should have mentioned actually, it’s a firefox/opera/safari problem, i haven’t put the stylesheet together for IE yet.

    It’s not CSS based either, its the way items are wrapping depending on whether or not an item has posts – without the pages are screwed, with and they’re fine.

    Sorry to double post, but it seems a little difficult to get any help on here.

    Thanks, Lee

    No, the single post view with commments does NOT validate:
    There must be something wrong in your comments.php file, most likely, a wrongly placed div tag.

    It was validating when I started the thread, I’ve since changed stuff in there to try and sort it out (have the correct backup anyway so its no problem).

    Only thing is even when it was validated there was still the problem of the page wrapper ending early.

    Am I right in thinking the comments.php file is the one I need to play with then as opposed to the single.php?

    Very likely it is the comments.php.
    Look at the source code of the single post view with comments and count all the divs… where do they open an where are they closed.

    I went through yesterday and added everything up, and everything seemed to fit.

    Very strange, guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away at it, and then I’ve got the fun of getting it to work in IE…joy.

    Is there anywhere detailing which php statements mean what, can’t say I have the greatest knowledge of php.

    Don’t worry about the php part. What is wrong must be a simple HTML div or /div tag!
    Note. My experience is that the validator only counts the number of opening and closing div/div tags. Usually it does NOT tell you that a div has it’s closing tag in the wrong place, which means while “numberwise” the tags might be OK and getting a valid result… it will still display in the wrong way!

    Righto, I’ve revalidated the page, with comments the page is fine and validates. However, validating single posts with comments is making my single posts without comments page invalid, and if i fix the posts without comments it breaks the posts with comments.

    Any ideas?

    Sorry, didn’t see you’d posted before I posted that.

    In the pages without comments that are funked up, I can see the end div tag that is causing it. Only thing is, removing this fixes the pages without comments, but then makes the pages with comments to be invalid and mess up.

    Fixed! I was ending my comment container div too late in the comments.php file, meaning that if i didnt have comments there would be a closing div too many.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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