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  • hello

    i want to put border on left of widgets in footer

    i do this easily with add :

    .widget-column {
    border-left : 2px solid #444;

    the problem is every widget have different height and the size of height of Footer is responsive get from widget that have higher height

    So when i set border i have 4 border with 4 different height and that’s ugly !

    how can i set the border dynamically equal to the highest height of my widgets ?

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  • If you can share the URL of your website then I can help you with the styling.

    thanks so much for reply

    well it`s still on local and design mode

    lets imagine we have 4 column with 4 different height ( base on every widget data )

    what i want is set all columns left border height equal to the footer ( holders of widgets )

    cause i cant use for example 300px for height cause it`s dynamic height relative to one of my widget that have highest height

    in this case, you have to make all your widgets same height with min-height property and then apply border-left to apply your borders this is the only solution for this because if you don’t want height for your widgets then it’s maybe tedious. min-height is changing if you put more data into your widget

    I agree with @akshayvinchurkar

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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