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    Dear all,

    I’ve got the following question and for some reason my css coding doesn’t have any effect on the output. I’m using for my Elegant Theme “The Source” a plugin for page presentation (Featured Page Widget). The widget works perfect, made some changes in the featured-page-widget.css file and as far as I can see, till now, it’s doing what I want.

    But (oops, I cat attach a screenshot) one thing I can’t solve so far. In the RH column you’ll see the Random Reviews/Columns and Interviews widget, which is the widget I’m talking about. What I want to change is the space between the thumbnails in the Random Reviews and the text (most likely this s the title) and I want to add a grey border on the RH and bottom side of the thumbnail (the same as you can see in the middle column Random posts).

    Here’s the featured-page-widget.css contents with my remarks in between it.

    Hope that there’s somebody who can tell me why I can’t change the padding or it is margin between the thumbnail and text (title) and how to add a colored border on the RH and bottom side of the thumbnail or at least, where to add it. I added it already (not in the scripting) but no effect.

    @charset "UTF-8";
     * featured-page-widget.css: Stylesheet for widget.
     * @package Featured Page Widget
     * @subpackage includes
     * @author GrandSlambert
     * @copyright 2009-2011
     * @access public
     * @since 0.1
    .featured-post-widget {
         clear: both;
    .fpw-image-left {
         float: left;
         padding-right: 0px;
         padding-bottom: 5px;
    .fpw-image-right {
         float: right;
         padding-left: 10px;
         padding-bottom: 5px;
    /*--- Added to h3.featured-post-title "line-height:20px;" "font-size: 14px;" "letter-spacing:0px;" ---*/
    /*--- Removed margin: 5px 0; ---*/
    h3.featured-post-title {
         font-size: 13px;
         margin-left: -5px;
    /*--- Added complete set css commands for "div.featured_post_content" ---*/
    /*--- This allows me to control the text in the Random Reviews/Columns/Interviews ---*/
    /*--- Changed default color 656363 into 818383 ---*/
    div.featured_post_content {
         font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
         font-size: 12px;
         color: #818383;
    /*--- Original div.featured-post-widget-border { ---*/
    /*--- Original border: solid 1px #dadada; ---*/
    /*--- Original margin-bottom: 8px; } ---*/
    /*--- Modified border: solid 1px into border-bottom: 0.5px ---*/
    /*--- This modification removed the complete border/frame around the text block and introduces only a line at the bottom ---*/
    /*--- Added margin-left: -10px to bring all the review blocks more to the LH side ---*/
    div.featured-post-widget-border {
         border-bottom: solid 0.5px #dadada;
         margin-bottom: 8px;
         margin-left: -10px;
    div.featured-post-widget-border h3.featured-post-title {
         padding: 0 5px;
    div.featured-post-widget-border div.featured_post_content {
         padding: 0 5px;
    div.featured-post-widget-border div.featured_post_more_link {
         padding: 0 5px;
         margin: 0;
         border-top: solid 1px #dadada;
    /*--- Same coding twice to introduce the line-height to work ---*/
    div.featured_post_content p {
    	margin-left: -5px;
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