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    I think I may have updated my Easing Slider almost immediately after it was replaced by Rive Slider Lite. At first I was surprised because my Easing Slider completely disappeared after “updating”, meaning the plugin disappeared from admin and the slider vanished from my website. I then noticed Riva Slider Lite in my plugins in my list of plugins (disabled) and didn’t recognize it so at first I deleted it and all my files.

    Moving on, the new Riva Slider Lite seems to be working fine for me, and the admin UI of the plugin looks clean, simple, and intuitive. Thanks. Great job with that. But I have several questions.

    All my slides are exactly 650×250. If I use those dimensions I get a horizontal scroll bar below the slider, like an iFrame. So I have to enter 630×240 to avoid the scroll bar. I also get a thick gray border all around my slider that I definitely don’t want. I suspect my dimensions are affecting the outside of the border and not the images used within. How do I remove the thick gray border?

    Related, your plugin description mentions “We’ve also added options for disabling styling and scripting for easier custom theme integration” Where is all that? I see no way to style anything other than the location of the pagination?


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    Hi @gopanthers, thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry for the confusion over the name change. I tried to keep people in the know with upgrade notices within the plugin via v1.2.1 of Easing Slider, but it is possible some had missed it. The name had to be changed as the plugin no longer relies on the ‘jQuery Easing’ plugin, so it was misleading.

    In deleting Riva Slider “Lite”, your Easing Slider settings should actually still remain available if you decide to downgrade temporarily. That said, I’d not recommend doing so as Riva Slider “Lite” is the way forward. You can permanently delete Easing Slider’s old settings from within Riva Slider “Lite” from its ‘Settings’ panel. It should also automatically import them after the upgrade.

    The scrollbar issue sounds like a small bug that needs to be fixed. There definitely shouldn’t be any scrollbars. If you could link me to the page in question, I’ll happily take a quick look for you and get on it right away.

    As for the styling, yes temporarily this is the case. Manual is the only way to go. The customization options are being added again soon but had to be held back for initial release. A visual styling editor is being implemented, much like the one used to customize a theme. Have a brief look at the post below for a little more information.

    Thanks. And great news that those customization items will be coming. Again, I really like the simple UI. I’ve tried several others which were so overly complicated.

    My website in question is here. Since yesterday I made a change to my template settings and noticed that while the thick border is still there, the color has changed. Seems like there may be a coding conflict somewhere.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    I see what you mean. The border actually appear to be caused by the ‘pre’ and ‘code’ HTML tags which are wrapping the slideshow. This seems incorrect to me, could be your theme doing it automatically.

    You should be able to remove those from the WordPress post editor. You may have to switch to the ‘HTML’ tab when doing so.

    Re-adding the border to your liking is simple with some CSS. For example, the code below (when added to your themes style.css file) will give it a 5 pixel black border. You can play around with the pixel values and border colours yourself.

    .rivasliderlite {
        border: 5px solid #000 !important;

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey again, going to mark this topic as resolved but feel free to open it again if you run into any trouble with this or have anymore questions 🙂

    That fixed it. I have no idea how those tags got in there but they were indeed the problem. Thanks.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Good to hear. No problem at all 🙂

    Right after I updated my Easing Slider, it completely disappeared –The plugin disappeared from admin and the slider vanished from my website.Please help–I dont know what to do. Thank you. Lisa

    My site is My email is or

    Hi, it’s very upset Lisa again– There is a message that appears on my admin page that says
    Data Update Required – We just need to update your install to the latest version

    Run the updater
    It then suggest that I back up the site which I have no idea how to do. PLEASE HELP. DOES THIS HAVE ANYHING TO DO WITH IT.
    MY SITE IS My email is

    Just found this too in case it is helpful:

    Installed Plugins: Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi version 3.3.3,
    Post Font Resizer by Saiful Islam version 0.1,
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore by UpdraftPlus.Com, DavidAnderson version 1.4.48,
    WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.0.3,
    WordPress Social Ring by Niccolò Tapparo version 1.2.2

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @Yalliving, the data updater message you are receiving is not Easing Slider related at all. There is nothing I can do about that, I’m sorry.

    To import your old slideshow after updating, you have to follow the instructions below. These are very clear and simple, it should be fine.

    Navigate to the “Edit Slideshow” admin panel and click the “Import my Easing Slider v1.x settings” button. That’s it! Your old slideshow settings should now be imported.

    Here is a video of the procedure

    If the slideshow was built into your theme, that isn’t anything to do with us and you’ll need to get in contact with the theme developer.

    how do you navigate to EDit Slideshow?

    THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE..there is no mention of easing slider anymore on my admin page.
    Can i download a slider again. Please help. I dont care if I start from scratch. i just want to have pictures on my website again. There should be a warning about this….so manhy people having problems thank you. please advise.

    would it help if I purchase this?

    I have made a complete mess of my site because I could not figure out. If there is any possibility of helping me. please do. I will pay you. I am despearate.

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