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  • I understand that this theme is built using bootstrap 3 (I think that is the version) and it seems to be the case as I can see signs of it.

    However, when I try to use bootstrap in some of the post/pages that I am building I get nothing.

    The assumption I am making is that the CSS, JS and more files needed for bootstrap implementation are already loaded and ready to go.. so why I get nothing? Do I need to re-include them in the stylesheet files for the theme?

    I know that there are ways to use bootstrap using plugins, but why do that if the theme already uses it, right?

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  • I never used this theme, but I had a look at the code in the repository. The stylesheet says that it’s based on the Gridiculous boilerplate. Going through the files in the repository I found bootstrap.js, but I didn’t find bootstrap.css. I think the theme author would be in a better position to advise you on this.

    Well, based on what you wrote, indeed key files are missing and that would mean that I need to “include” them for my purposes…

    So, is this theme partially using bootstrap? Would love to hear from the author for sure

    How can I get help on this question?

    Bootstrap is a very modular framework, so much so that developers can use a customized download bundle, taking only what they need for the kind of project they are working on.

    It’s possible your theme doesn’t use the grid system and most of the CSS framework, while it uses Bootstrap’s JavaScript. If you want to use the CSS, you can download it from the bootstrap page ( Because, you already have installed the js files and only need the CSS files, I recommend you use the customized download. Go to, select what you need from the CSS section. Press the compile and download button and save the zip file. Extract the bootstrap CSS file and save it in the library/css/ folder in your theme. Then you can either enqueue the stylesheet in functions.php or open style.css and add an import rule, like so:

    @import url("library/css/bootstrap.css");

    This will allow you to use bootstrap’s stylesheet.

    I hope this helps.


    Thanks your help. Indeed I was able to add the CSS as you explained in your previous posting and it worked.

    However, the Theme did not like it. I get a display offset. Pages and posting get “moved” to the left somehow and of course things look out of alignment.

    I am using the single sidebar (on the left) layout where main content is 75% – Not sure if going to a different layout would help but doubt it.

    Maybe I need to look for a different theme that is more bootstrap friendly

    Hi, I’m glad you accomplished what you wanted to do. As for your question, it depends on which bootstrap features you need to implement. If it’s something like a button, a table, the typography, etc., you should be able to apply bootstrap styles with this theme. However, if you intend to use something more structural, like layout or navigation, I see it rather hard to do, and I also think you might find it easier to move to a theme which uses all of bootstrap features.

    If you let me know which bootstrap components you’d like to add and post a link to your page, I might be more specific.

    Just adding the bootstrap CSS files created the layout issue that outlined two posts ago. I did not change anything other than the functions.php file and the layout was off

    Indeed all I want to do is add nice looking posts and pages using bootstrap and nothing structural.

    I am searching for a theme that is more bootstrap friendly as we speak

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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