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    How can I turn off Recommendations on a certain page? The bookmarks and recommendations work great on all the pages except the one where there are just video images on this page. I am not sure if it’s a css issue (the page content is just the images from the media gallery) or if it’s the way the page is being built.
    Any ideas? If not, is there a way to turn off the recommendations on a certain page? I click the option to Disable SexyBookmarks Share Buttons on this page (since that was also being pushed to the side), and that worked, but now I need the recommendations off, until this is figured out.

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  • Hi, I would still like to know how to turn off the Recommendations. In the meantime, I resolved this issue by changing the margin-top from 20px; to 625px; with the following code, the post is the page where the images reside.

    /* shareaholic recommendation area was showing up on the side instead of below the images on the video page (post-1130) */
    /* needed to push them down. */
    #post-1130 #multiple_slides_visible {
        margin-top: 625px;
        margin-bottom: 20px;

    If there is a better way to do this, I’d like to know as this also may help with getting the sexybookmarks to show on this page. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, my initial resolution didn’t work when I checked for mobile responsive. The margin top didn’t change while the rest of the content was now in a single column. There are now 2 issues. One is that the 3 pictures overhang on the right when the site collapses to a single column and the other where the margin top needs to be changed to handle responsiveness. For now, I decided to just change to do display:none; for #post-1130 #multiple_slides_visible, so the recommendations don’t show on the page. bummer!

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    Hi @ skippywp If you would like to beta test our upcoming configuration panel sooner, please shoot us an email to with “beta test” in the subject and we’ll hook you up!

    In this new version, amongst some big updates, the Recommendations panel is responsive AND you’ll also be able to turn on/off Recommendations on each post/page.

    Hi there people, I have the same issue but the recommended posts are aligned to the right of the webpage only with Firefox. IE, Chrome and Opera show the recommendations correctly.

    Any fix to this? Can you suggest a CSS rule to fix this?

    Hi Marcelo,

    Because our next release is just on the horizon, we’d love to get you in our beta test group. In our update, the Related Content (Recommendations) feature offers enhanced options for customization and custom placement on top of a responsive design.

    If interested, take a look at the comment preceding yours to get the details for sign up.


    I get the same thing when I want to use colums or tabs, it pushes the social icons to the side.

    Isn’t there something I can insert beneath my content that makes the social bar stick beneath that? Some CSS fix? Any other possibillity?

    A problem for me on many sites! Would love to see a fix.

    (the update is looking mighthy fine though 😉

    To everyone trying out our latest v7 beta release, please contact us directly through our support center with your blog’s web address and any feedback concerning Related Content alignment issues so that we can collect more information and investigate. Thanks!

    An additional note:

    Some themes are crafted in a way that can cause issues in where our app hooks into the template. This can affect alignment, but you can use the app’s shortcode (v7+) to manually insert the recommendation cards directly into your theme template files in the exact location where you would like them to appear.

    A great thing about the new manual mode shortcodes is that you can even insert our apps into individual posts/pages via the Edit Post or Edit Page screen by using the Text tab, because this code loads the HTML block wherever it is called into the page.

    I hope this information is useful to someone! 🙂

    Hi C Reign. After upgrading to SexyBookmarks 7.0.1, this issue has been fixed.

    BTW, I noticed that the original SexyBookmarks is 7.0 but Shareaholic is Why is that? You won’t be upgrading both them anymore?

    Hi again, Marcelo! We haven’t yet updated the SexyBookmarks release channel, but we will. Because it is our older entry in the WordPress database, there are more publishers on this update channel, and so, we released on the Shareaholic channel first to get feedback from the community and work on fixing any issues. We’ll have it upped to the SexyBookmarks channel soon 🙂

    ok, what a problem, huh? And WordPress staff won’t allow by any means to unify both channels?

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    well, that’s a pity. ok, thanks!

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    Hi All,

    Please upgrade to v7.0.3.4 or higher:

    It should fix all issues related to alignment. If you still have any, let us know!

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