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  • Hi!
    ive installed the bookmarklet in my registry but somehow it doesnt work. i get this javascript-error message and dont know what it means…
    does anybody know how to remove it from my registry?

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  • This should work…
    Run regedit, Find ‘wordpress’ and delete the 3 keys you find.
    Careful though :), it *is* the registry !

    Scrub the above !
    The adding to the registry does not work for me either, and I get the same error.
    Start > Run > regedit
    search for ‘wp-admin’ and delete the value.
    The key remains, but if you close and reopen your browser, the bookmarklet option will have disappeared.
    I had a similar problem when I tried Nucleus, and I seem to remember there was a workround for it, but as the rest of that program was unfriendly, I didn’t pursue it.

    thanx podz!
    i’ll remove it for now…
    but does anybody know how i can get it working?

    I wish I did… I’ve just spent some time hunting around without success.
    I get:
    “error: ‘external.menuArguments.document’ is null or not an object”
    If I try the ‘Press-It’ favourites, I get a blank screen, with ‘Done’ in the bottom left, and this address just sits in the address bar:
    There is some sort of solution to this for Nucleus users, but the coding is way over my head. Might be useful to someone who does know their stuff ?

    yep same codes over here…
    and they are more than way over my head 😉
    so is there anybody out there who does know how to fix this?

    @amoen and others: Here is a small temporary fix as emulated from the Nucleus site (one of their answers is flawed and their own code has bugs, oh well)
    Create a new file on the root of your blog called rightclick.php and put the following in there (replace open(‘http://… with your own servername):
    <script type=”text/javascript” defer=”defer”>
    Now create another file on your desktop called wordpress.reg and put the following in there (again replace the varibles please):
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Post To &WP : Mindful Musings]
    Now double click on the wordpress.reg file to add the information to the registry and the right click in IE should work at that point.

    I had the same problem, tried this fix, and it worked great with one correction….
    change in rightclick.php
    Thanks again….Ravi

    Well, thanks Ravi…I finally got this to work…YEAH! I do have one last question though. I now have two entries in the right click menu, and would like to ‘disappear’ one of them. I went into regedit and searched for “wordpress”, deleted the three keys…but like a bad penny, the link will not go away?
    Thanks in advance (and yes, I closed and reopened the browser, and also deleted the cache files ??)

    Is this still and active forum? That revised “mindful musing” right-click bookmarklet works great. I have no idea and have unsuccessfully tried to delete entries from my registy before installing this new wordpress.reg script to no avail. In my I.E. if I right click, I still see the old one “Post to WP (my blogsite)” … Can someone explain how to remove this from my IE browser? I don’t care if it stays in my registry (ok I do) but it’s very annoying having two of them ..
    Thanks in advance

    FOLLOW UP! Good News.. I found this link that had quite useful instructions how to remove items from your Right Click on the menu.

    sorry… posted in wrong thread

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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