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    Ever since upgrading to 2.0, my bookmarklet opens the regular post window in the current window, rather than a popup. I have reset the bookmarklet, to no avail.

    I thought this may have been related to the Firefox “Remember me doesn’t remember me” issue I’ve related elsewhere, but no. IE DOES remember me, but still opens the bookmarklet in the main window, overwriting the page I’m trying to blog about in the process.

    I’m beginning to think I should have waited a bit longer for 2.1 or so…

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  • Still getting this behavior, and no amount of changing things makes a difference. Apparently I need to learn Javascript to keep the functions that I had with 1.5.2 working in 2.0…

    Is there a fix or a hack for this? I miss the popup window.

    I have read grumbling about this in several places, and I’m grumbling about it too. I miss the pop up window. I like to have whatever it is I am posting about open and viewable while I am writing my post, as I often pull more than one quote from any given site/news story. If I wanted to open WordPress’s full post page in the Admin area, I could do that without having a special bookmark. The least it could do is open in a new window or tab and not in the same window as the thing I want to post about.

    Has no one come up with a workaround for this yet? I’ve spent a good part of the day searching with Google and Yahoo, and all I have found is people saying they don’t like the way it works now.

    I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t upgraded either. I really miss the old bookmarklet functionality. 🙁

    I had issues with the ‘Press It!’ bookmarklet as well, I think I found part of this/hobbled part of this together, I can’t remember what is wrong with the original one, but this one (in Firefox) opens it in a new tab/window, for me anyway, I hope for you as well!

    Code at:

    Good luck,

    Thank you!!! I increased the size of the window slightly to 640×480 so things wouldn’t be all scrunched together, but it’s perfect. My happiness with WP is now restored fully. 😀

    I, too, miss the original bookmarlet. WP2 is great in so many ways, it’s strange they’d regress that part of it. I implemented the hack above, but I don’t like how once it publishes it doesn’t close the window; instead after posting it goes to the original page I was writing about. I obviously already had that window open, because that’s why I wanted a popup window to write about it! Why did WP change this?!

    I agreee on this undesirable change–why is there no response from the dev team on why it was done and/or how we can change it back ourselves?

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