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  • randybrown


    I have released BookListR, a booklist generating plugin for WordPress-based weblogs. The plugin queries Amazon via a REST interface, caches results for later use, and is fully modifiable. An example of the booklist can be found in the sidebar on my weblog.
    You can find details here.

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  • Amiantos


    Nice, but it’s a bit chunky to have to go into the template every time to add in ISBN numbers. I’m not sure what the plugin architecture for WordPress allows for, but why not some sort of interface to add/remove ISBN numbers? Probably would need MySQL access unless you wrote it to plain text, of course…




    Amiantos – been alredy done.
    Search the forums for CG-Amazon…. it’ll be there somewhere.

    I’ve been using BookListR for quite awhile, but just recently it stopped working. I tried to add a couple of new items to my list. But I get the following error for those new items when I try to view the page:

    We encountered an error while processing your request. Please make sure that you are using a valid developer token and that you have registered for this service. For more information, please visit

    Any help contacting the author would be great, or someone with a developer ID that actually works posting the necessary info.

    Thanks in advance.

    Check out Amazon Media Manager.

    Very nice plugin that I found yesterday and spent a bit of time with the developer with an issue. He was very helpful and quick to offer assistance.

    It was easy to set up and get going. You can see it in action on my site in the sidebar under the 3 headers “Currently Reading” “Currently Hearing” and “Currently Viewing”

    Yeah, as TG mentioned way back on this old topic, CG-Amazon is one of the long-standing Amazon interfaces for WordPress. It delivers a wide range of functionality, from “Currently Zzzzing” lists, to a random selection of items from your ‘own database’ of amazon products, to listing your Amazon Wishlist items, and more. It also has a sample script for a “product database” for your site, which many users have just dropped in and used as is.

    Also, in combination with CG-Inline, you can embed >dynamic< product links within posts — i.e., if you want to show things like pricing information, it’ll live-update (well, cached, approximately every day or so by default).

    It has advanced functionality that barely any of the users have touched as there are a couple of SIMPLE function calls to extract all sorts of cool lists of products from Amazon…


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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