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    A user notified me that bookings were closing at the wrong time.

    On looking at settings it appears everything is working off the server time.

    For a global customer base, this is going to cause a nightmare, if not a total disaster.

    Am I right? Is there a workaround?

    My whole site will be useless if I cannot fix this.

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    can you try to set manual offset in your WP settings at WP Settings > General > Timezone ?

    I spent all night trying to find a solution, but it seems all event managers have the same problem.

    I have set my site to GMT+0 and reworded table headings to reflect this.

    What I will need members to do is use an online time zone converter to find the GMT+0 time for their events.

    Not the ideal solution, but at least it works.

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    NetWebLogic Support

    The next version of Events Manager will include this feature:

    That’s very interesting.

    Might give it a try on my test site and see what happens.

    Installed the dev version and it works!

    Recognized the time zone perfectly.

    Thank you!

    A couple of issues I have found with the dev version.

    There is a missing </strong> tag in the formatting for the single page event, causing the entire page to be in bold text.

    The code to open an event from a group in BuddyPress is also missing. Delete and Duplicate work, but not the link to the event. Don’t know which file that is in.

    Apart from that it is working on my live site.

    I think I actually removed the tag when modifying the row heading entry.

    But the link to open events from the group page is definitely missing the code needed to open it.

    The hyperlink is there, but the action needed for it to work is not.

    I know I’m using the unstable dev version, so I do not expect full support.

    This is with the Current Version

    This is with the Dev Version

    The difference I see here is the hyperlinks are showing the events as:

    “past pending”.

    They are not, and can be accessed from the events page. I thought there may be one particular file in the dev version that was stopping the links from working.

    But it looks as if the event information is corrupted. Any ideas?

    Found a fix. Don’t know if it will cause other problems, but works for now.

    The check for events being pending was making clicking on the event hyperlink non-operational.

    Commented out the check at line 62 of the BuddyPress group-events.php template file:

    if ( !$EM_Event->status ){
     $class .= " pending";

    Now the hyperlink works. The “past” and “pending” entries also disappeared from the class line in the second screenshot.

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