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    i want to end the opportunity of booking an event at the evening before it starts. So if the event is on 20.09. users should only be allowed to book until 19.09. 23:30.
    So i entered this in the provided fields and added starting date 01.09. 00:00. So the starting date is in the past (but that shouldn’t be a problem)

    But testing this issue i was able to join the event even after the date the booking opportunity was intended to end.

    What did i do wrong?

    Should this also work if i do not enter a booking-start-date but a booking-end-date?

    Hope you can help


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  • hi,

    I tried this one and seems to be working fine, can you provide us sample link to your site for us to see ? and can I know what is your current EM version?


    i can provide a link but the possibility to join certain events is given only to users who are logged in! i can create a test account if you want.
    i’m using the latest version of em.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    we don’t go into sites unless there’s a prevelant bug on the free forums.

    if you can send a screenshot of your booking settings for that event, maybe we can spot the problem.

    ok. today is an event an booking should have been ended yesterday evening 23:30.

    i uploaded the screenshot here:

    i created a test-account to testing this feature again and i now can book the event.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    tried this out and for me this works… maybe another screenshot of all your event settings may help.

    ok, here is the screenshot of general settings > event settings

    and this is the screenshot of therelevant event
    1st part
    2nd part
    3rd part
    4th part

    the pictures will only be stored 1 day

    some (maybe useful) additional information:

    – as you see i’m using user-roles created on my own
    – other plugins i’m using on my blog:
    – adminimize
    – all in one wp security
    – allow php in posts and pages
    – antispam bee
    – antivirus
    – avatar manager
    – capability manager enhanced
    – cartpauj pm
    – configure smtp
    – contact form 7
    – custom dashboard help
    – ep admin messages
    – im8 exclude pages
    – page links to
    – print-o-matic
    – sb welcome editor
    – sh contextual help
    – show hide author
    – table press
    – theme my login
    – twenty eleven theme extensions
    – user access manager
    – wordpress importer
    – wp-memory-usage
    – wp-recaptcha

    hope this might help you

    I’ve also tried this and don’t have any issues. Does this happen if you create another event with similar settings, or is it just this one event?


    this issue doesn’t affect only one event, it affects all events. even if i create a new one.

    If you also set an Available from date, does that correct the problem?

    Does the overall Booking Cut-Off Date (under Event Options) work correctly?

    no, setting an “available from” date doesn’t correct the problem. that’s what i tried before i posted this problem.

    what do you mean with overall booking cut-off date?

    i recognized, that the event is still shown, even if it ended 20:30 (now it’s 20:50). and now, the booking options are disabled.

    maybe a time problem? but i looked up the global blog settings and it seems to be alright.

    By overall booking cut-off date I meant the option by that name that appears under the individual ticket options on the Add / Edit Event page.

    Do you have a cache plugin running? That could be delaying the refreshing of pages.

    yes, that’s working and no, i do not have a cache plugin running

    thanks for the screenshots and I get now; I’ve let Marcus know about it.

    oh cool! glad you got it. hope there will be a solution soon 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    the screenshots for me are not working

    I can’t reproduce this either, will ask Angelo about it

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