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    The bookings are lost when I update an event. If I have 100 people signed up and I just fix something minor that was wrong with the recurrence I LOSE THE BOOKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • They aren’t even in the database so that I could rescue them. Uggggg!!!! I’d PAY for an event plugin that JUST WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one does not if I’m going to lose bookings that easy. DAYS of data are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So now I have to explain to this client who is already ticked about the first Events Made Easy plugin we tried……that we just lost all of her bookings because I tried to tweak something with the recurrence.

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    Are the bookings that are deleted from a Recurring Event? If Yes, Updating the Recurring Event would really delete the bookings. There should be a message/prompt the bookings would be deleted when you updated a Recurring Event.

    They are mentioned here also:

    If you reschedule a recurring event, all information pertaining to attached recurrences (e.g. bookings, etc.) is deleted and recreated as a new event.

    Why do they need to delete the bookings? I can understand how complex the logic behind this process might be but DELETING the bookings is silly. We have to be able to update and correct stuff with events.

    And there wasn’t any notification other than the warning at the top with the rest of the warnings that we all ignore because they are so naggy. There needs to be an alert box that forces me to click ok or cancel.

    We lost a MONTH worth of bookings because of this. I’m sorry for being so frustrated but you have to understand that there isn’t any event registration plugin that seems to really work. Yours seems to be pretty close but losing bookings is a huge problem. The rest of the stuff I’ve fussed about is minor compared to losing bookings. Please fix this so this doesn’t happen again!

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    If you’re using Recurring Events, The bookings will be deleted because the Event have been modified. If there’a booking on an Event of Recurring, You could “Detach” that Event to the Main Recurring and it won’t be affected when you Re-Schedule/Modify the Recurring Event. The Detach function is mentioned here also:

    What I could suggest also is that when you’re doing something that you’re not sure of, I would always recommend making a Backup so you have something that you can restore to in case you made a mistake or error. This especially is recommended if you’re updating plugins/themes. There are several plugins also that could make a daily backup and delete X backup after ceratain days.

    I’ve been doing this for 19 years. If I had any reason to think there would be problem with fixing an error like from am to pm I would have made a backup and or just edited the raw database.

    The only reason I could think of needing to delete the bookings is if you are not updating the database record but rather you are deleting it and readding it. But even so you should be able to grab a list of bookings and relink them to the new record.

    This is a landmine waiting to happen until you make it so people can’t accidentally do this. Better yet fix the logic so that it doesn’t need to delete bookings to update the events.



    but DELETING the bookings is silly

    No it is not.

    When editing the recurrence, the events are being replanned. They are re-created. They get a new event ID. Bookings are linked to an existing event ID. If the Event ID is deleted, so is all linked data.

    Why are you guys arguing with me? Do you not care that your potential customers just lost a ton of data as a result of bad logic? We were ready to BUY the upgrade to your plugin. You LOST $70 (or whatever you charge) because we LOST OUR DATA!!!!!!!!!!

    You made an assumption that because I fix an ERROR in an event that I don’t need those bookings. That’s a bad assumption. I’ve done a ton of programming and I NEVER would have made that assumption.

    You should have all of the booking ids associated with the event so if you need to delete the event and readd it to the database rather than just update the record….you can just reassign those ids to the new event. Or just don’t delete the event. UPDATE the records instead.

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    Hello, I’ve replied to your review as well, but I’d like to explain recurrence logic here as well to clarify.

    Firstly, I’m sorry if your bookings did get deleted, but let me explain:

    Recurring events are a set of individual events (event recurrences) during different date/times created from a “recurring event” template. All the information required to create an event is taken from that recurring event and duplicated into events (event recurrences) with different dates, the only difference being the dates.

    If you need to change the set of recurring events, such as the time, description, title, meta data, categories etc., this will/should NOT result in any data loss, except the overwriting of this aforementioned data on the individual event recurrences. This is straightforward since we simply need to grab all the recurrences and update them with this new info.

    Things get tricky if you change a date, or booking information. Let’s start with dates, and I think the best way is with an example:

    If you have a workshop that happens every Sunday and you wish to change that day or the range of dates it happens during, you may end up with more, or less events than before, on different dates and therefore we have no way to reliably predict what to do with an event where the date has to change. So, in these cases, we delete all the recurrences and recreate them.

    With bookings, you can change anything in a booking, such as removing a ticket, changing the spaces, or the entire booking logic. Again, we can’t guess what you’re going to change, in this case we only delete the bookings and recreate the tickets booked under it.

    I agree that in both these examples, we could (with a lot of work) mitigate cases where small tweaks, like adding an extra Sunday to the set or adding a ticket, shouldn’t impact the currently created events,this isn’t a feature we’ve implemented yet.

    HOWEVER, we have taken every effort to make it as obvious as possible when something will get deleted, and also make it near impossible to do so without mindfully clicking a button before any of the fields where you can trigger data deletion appear. Think of it like that red flick switch you see in movies which prevents you from accidentally firing that missile.

    You describe just seeing an admin notice nag (which we do have but I agree is not enough), so I’m unsure where things went wrong here… the only thing I can imagine is you were running an older version of Events Manager, as we added this safety measure some time ago (a year or more).

    I know this doesn’t bring your bookings, back, and I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m just giving you an explanation of how things happen and why, in case you’re willing to give this another go.

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    I think where we ran in to trouble is I miss understood what “Each event spans” means. The client said the bookings were showing up as 2 days (10/8 to 10/9) rather than just one (10/8). Its just for an hour class which to my mind means it spans 1 day which is what I had in there. I changed to 0 so that she wouldn’t be confused looking at the dates in the bookings. To me this a redundant setting because we set the time at “Events start from” and there’s a check box for an all day event….but that’s an other conversation.

    The alert says “Modifications to event dates…”. I didn’t change the dates. I changed the duration of each recurrence which still should have been 1 event and then the bookings would not have been effected. But you probably have the same process saving this regardless of what was actually changed that then forces what could have been just an update to still delete and then readded the recurrences while deleting the bookings.

    I wonder if it would be possible not to delete the recurrences when this update happens. Check if there is at least 1 booking for that recurrence and then detach that recurrence from the parent event. Those bookings should still show in the bookings list and then if that booking is deleted it deletes that recurrence if its the only booking for that recurrence. And the recurrence shows in the regular events list and if its deleted from there it would also delete the bookings.

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    But you probably have the same process saving this regardless of what was actually changed that then forces what could have been just an update to still delete and then readded the recurrences while deleting the bookings.

    Yes, that’s the way it is at the moment.

    I understand what you mean about what you changed and why you’d maybe expect things to remain (despite the warning – I’m curious to know if you clicked that button to make the date change). In this case, however, you did change a date i.e. the end date of the event. It’s a similar situation to my Sunday example, e.g. if you added an extra Sunday, it makes sense to leave the current ones intact.

    There are some ways we can probably do this, but it requires more thought, time and work than you’d think, time that we’re currently dedicating to other features.

    Your suggestion would result in duplicate events. Just leaving the ones on the same date intact could seriously surprise people if their pattern has a slight deviation ending up in bookings getting deleted without warning. I’d probably even go further to say that any recurrence change that involves a deletion of data could have some sort of interface to see what happens before a full-on save, but again, that’s something we’ll have to tackle at some point in the future as time permits.

    The best way currently if you need to change things, is to manually detach events with bookings in them, then change the recurring event template.



    And my problem is I rarely get adding events right the first time and need to tweak them. I suspect others are too. We need to be able to change these some how.

    Busy is good. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.

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