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    I am about to setup a hosted wordpress site for my business however I have one question before I start.

    At Christmas we run an event throughout December to allow kids to visit santa. Due to popularity in previous years, we have had to start taking bookings for this. I have looked through various plugins and can’t quite find out if they provide the service I’m looking for. I need it to do the following:

    The event is open on 11 days throughout December with 5 minute time slots available on those days. We have 4 different ticket types for the event (child 0-12months, Child 1-12, Adult 12+ and Family ticket).

    I need a booking system that will allow our customers to:

    1. Choose their desired day and time slot. (only one booking per time slot)
    2. choose how many children or adults they want for that slot.
    3. confirm and pay for the booking via paypal.
    4. they should then receive a confirmation via email and this will be used as their ticket.

    a lot of the plugins I have found offer some of these services but the main problem I seem to be having is finding one that will allow me to choose what days in December the event will be on and then create 5 minute time slots within those days. Once a customer books that time slot it must become unavailable for anyone else to book.

    Any suggestions on plugins or services would be greatly appreciated. This is the only event we run throughout the year so we do not want to spend a lot of money for the service however we are willing to pay a small amount if the functionality suits our event

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  • Krishna



    Perhaps you may try any of these plugins:


    Thanks for your reply. I have the site created now and I am starting to look into this booking system and I have ran into a LOT of problems. None of the plugins I have tried offer anything like what I am looking for.

    If I’m honest, a lot of them are too full of features but the simple little things just aren’t easy to do.

    A lot of the plugins I have tried have the following problems:

    1. They don’t allow you to set different booking times for different days.
    2. You can’t adjust the length of the slot (Most are set at 15-30 mins, I only need 5mins.)

    I have tried to lower my expectations a bit so this is what I hope to do now.

    1. Customer chooses a date and time from the calendar and enters some basic details.
    2. They click next
    3. They are forwarded to a page that will allow them to purchase the tickets they need.
    4. They checkout with paypal and receive the details of their booking via email.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you




    As you know plugins are developed to address some most generally felt requirements, and may not address personalized customization needs. You may either contact the plugin’s authors for help with the issues that you face or hire someone who can develop a custom plugin for you.
    It’s also possible that someone else who knows about your specific requirements may chime in to help you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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