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    I have a class that occurs every Tuesday and Thursday for one month (8 times). I would like to create an event that allows the user to sign up for this class-group all at once.

    This is how I would like the user experience to work:
    1. From the full calendar; the user clicks on the day and time of the class they would like to take
    2. The user is directed to the registration/booking form
    3. After the user submits the filled out form they are notified that they are registered for all 8 Tuesday and Thursday classes for the month they selected from the full calendar.

    I’ve tried many configurations using categories and different pages but I have not been able to do this. Is what I’m trying to do even possible? I’ve looked into other booking calendar plugins and it seems none of them have this feature.

    Is there a way to customize the plugin to do this? I’m fairly new to PHP but have done slight customizations to plugins in the past so I may be able to pull this off with a little guidance.

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    sorry for the confusion, can I know what do you mean by “Booking Many Events With the Same Form Submission”? and also maybe you can try wp fullcalendar –

    Plugin Author Marcus


    am confused too about something: if there are 8 classes, why would the user need to choose a time. Does the same class occur multiple times on Tue/Thurs and they choose which hour each week they want?

    there could be some workarounds for this if so

    The user does not need to choose a time. There is a class series (like a college course) where you sign up for; let’s say, Economics 101 and the class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM for a month. I would like to display the full month long calendar with “Economics 101 – 1:00 PM” listed on every Tuesday and Thursday for the month. No matter which “Economics 101 – 1:00 PM” title the user selects (6/6, 6/11, 6/13 etc.) it will link to the same page for booking. No matter which day they selected from the calendar, the booking will automatically register them for all of the class dates in this series or category.

    I don’t think this is necessarily the best UX but it’s what the client wants. Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    so basically, something like this

    if you have 1 recurring event which spans from June 1 to 7 however instead of booking on each individual event you’ve wanted to book/register on all event in one of those recurring event, is this correct?

    maybe you can try this suggestion from @marcus:

    One workaround at the moment is to create a ‘master’ single event with bookings for all the events in your class, and then create a recurring event with no bookings enabled but links to your master event for booking.

    We’re planning on adding this sort of behaviour soon, when exactly isn’t concrete yet but let’s just say asap.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    adding to the above, in your event description for the recurrin gevents you could add this shortcode:

    [event event="x"]#_BOOKINGFORM[/event]

    where x is the event id of your master event. Then any booking made in yoru recurring events will actually make a booking for your master event.

    hope that helps!

    I also want to be able to book many events in a time (for example booking the event “class” of Thursday at 8 pm).

    Y don’t understand the workaround sugested here, could you explain this solution in detail please?

    Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    what you do is create an event that handles the bookings, and then create single events for each date (wiht bookings disabled) that point you to that event for booking.

    That way your sub-events appear on a calendar as event dates, yet bookings are handled by one event. My suggestion in the last comment allows you show a booking form even on those events with bookings disabled, but instead they’re filling the form for that ‘master’ event.

    Hope that explains it better.

    I think I understand, but in this case you have to create in the Master Event one ticket for each event of the recurring event. Also if you want to book every events of the recurring event you have to book each ticket separately.

    I don’t think this solution is very efficient to book multiple events at once, or I haven’t understood it yet?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    If you need a ticket for each event, then why not enable bookings on all your recurrenecse instead? At that point you don’t need master event

    The suggestion above is so that you can book all your events at once with one ticket. You can adjust the price of the ticket to account for the fact that they’re booking all events.

    We are going to rewrite recurrences to make this easier, but at the moment this is the only workaround we have.

    The booking plugin is for a Gym, so the proccess is the following:

    – We have recurring events as Training Session every Thursday at 18:30. Every events will be without cost, because the user will pay a monthly fee.

    – A new user is created in an external system (external database). We will use later “External Database Authentication Reloaded” plugin to integrate the user authentication from wordpress with this database.

    – The WordPress Admin wants to book for the new user every Thursday 18:30 session, because when the new user was created, this user paid for this session (as a monthly fee). This is because we need to book recurring events all at once. Without this functionallity we have to book each event (each thursday event) manually, which is not an efficient process.

    – Then the user is added into wordpress we only want that the users can cancel bookings individually and also book another simple event individually.

    The solution of the master event is not very efficient because we need to create and book each ticket for each event separately one by one.

    We are looking for others plugin but this one is the best for us but without this functionality is not a valid solution.

    Thanks again!

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