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  • Hello,

    This plugin looks very much like its perfect for my needs.

    I’ve installed, configured, have a test event, ticket, booking setup but when entering the booking form and clicking “Send your booking” I am re-directed to the same page, with the default message “No Event”.

    No entry is recorded to the DB.
    wp_em_bookings remains empty.

    Using Version 4.0.9 | By Marcus Sykes

    The form action appears to be empty?

    <form id=’em-booking-form’ name=’booking-form’ method=’post’ action=”>

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    sounds like a js error, probably your theme or a conflicting plugin

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you kindly for your quick response!

    I confirmed by installing to a bare bones WP and see what you’re saying… the inline response and insert worked fine.

    I’ve disabled each plugin individually and then all plugins with no luck, so I guess my theme is the culprit. I really don’t want to try switching themes, I spent a good deal of time configuring menu’s and widgets.

    Are there known themes or JS that cause issues? Is there a traditional post and return version of Event Manager?

    I’m using the paid version of the Versatile theme ( and, if I can get this working, will be buying the pro version of Events Manager.

    The demo, the documentation, and so far my use of it, is exactly what I need. Paypal integration will be huge for our implementation.

    Can I provide a list of JS, JQuery scripts used if it helps?

    Thanks in advance!

    is it possible to change to default theme temporarily so that we can determine if its really your theme and deactivating other plugins temporarily. OR just change your theme and let your other plugins active.

    you can also try firebug of firefox or the firefox error console

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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