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  • Hi everyone,

    I just installed the Booking Calendar plug and I cannot have anything in the admin section.
    I mean, when I open the page, you can select a dte and send the form, but from de admin section the Booking service is empty …. with just a button “save all changes” … Anybody have any idea what is wrong ???

    Let me know,

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    Have you tried deactivating all of your other plugins in case there’s a plugin conflict somewhere? You can contact the plugin’s author via

    I’m having the same problem as well. I’ve deactivated all plugins and the problem is still there.

    Hello, thank you for using plugin.

    According empty Admin section.

    Its empty, because you do not make any reservation at the normal posts (for this you need to insert this bookmark [booking]), where is booking form inserted.

    Please, make some reservation from the posts, and after this all info will appear at Admin section.

    Its early stage of this plugin development, at future version I will extended functionality and optimise some items.
    – WordPress customisation and plugin development


    I’m sorry but even by that it doesn’t work.
    I recieve the email to confirm the reservation.

    But my admin still empty.

    Your plugin seems to be really nice … Let me know what you think .

    New version have to be soon, with all fixes.

    I can confirm on that…. even with booking, the admin section is still empty.

    Plese check PHP version. PHP version have to be PHP 5.

    This issue ( PHP4 ) is fixed at next version of plugin – Version 0.6

    Hi, Thanks again for this wonderful plugin. Just to let you know, I’m currently using php version 5.2.8. Unfortunately I it might not be the php version that is causing the problem. Cheers.

    Do you use actual version ?

    In the latest version (0.6), the admin pages shows up nice and clear (I’m on PHP4). But I’m still having a problem with MySQL which causes the improper installation of the plugin since the db table “booking” won’t get created. This is noticed by the users not being able to save reservations in the db. To fix this, chage line 1750 of the file “wpdev-booking.php” (in version 0.6) to:

    user_description text NOT NULL default ”,

    That should fix it.

    Fixed, will be updated with next version

    Superb plugin!
    I tried on ff/chrome and all works ok — however (of course ??), on IE8, the calendar does not show up (front end): Object doesn’t support this property or method – Javascript Error on line 1? I’m stalled — any ideas?

    ok — i’ve found a solution; hope this helps others.

    line 686 of wpdev-booking.php, added VAR to this new date line, i.e. var today = new Date();



    For us newbies, can you be very specific, is that all that has to be added? on line 686 add: var today = new date();

    I tried that and got a white page with parse error. I took that line back out and this is what I have. Trying to get the calendar to show. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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