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    2.9 - [29.05.2011]
    Because of new JS and CSS files, please clear browser cache, after update!

    • Professional / Premium / Premium Plus / Hotel Edition / MultiUser versions features:
      • New Resource Managment page (Professional, Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Posibility to create several new booking resources in one step. Its usefull, when needs create many resorurces or "subresources".(Hotel Edition)
      • Integration iPay88 - payment system (Mostly operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Integration Paypal Pro Hosted Solution (iframes is not supported) (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Deposit payment - posibility for visitors to pay part of final summ. (Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Support of recurrent time for several days selection. Its mean that middle days will be partially booked by actual times, if this feature is disabled so then time in booking form used as check in/out time for first and last time of reservation, middle days full reserved. (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Move reservation between resources - from one booking resource to other (its usefull, for exmaple, if you want to chnage the room of reservation ) (Professional, Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Enable/Disable time (selected from booking form) impact to cost calculation. (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Support of multiple sidebar widgets. Posibility to set several sidebar widgets. ( Support at WordPress 2.8 or higher versions) (Professional, Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition)
      • Add posibility to insert language shortcodes ( example of French shortcode: [lang=fr_FR] ) for some options, like: thank you message, form fields customization, form content customization, search form, and search result form customization, emails subjects and content. Example of thank you message in English and French languages: "Thank you for your reservation.[lang=fr_FR]Je vous remercie de votre réservation." (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Posibility to set inside of advanced cost management section the additional cost for each selected day, which will dependce from selection of selectboxes or checkboxes from booking form. Exmaple of usage: "50/day" - its mean that final cost will be more in $50 for each selected day, if option will be selected, where this rule assigned. (Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Posibility to dissable reservation, which can be stored in different booking resources. So if this feature is enabled, the reservation is allowed only, if all days of reservation are at same booking resources, otherwise the error message will show. (Hotel Edition)
      • Optimization of search logic for available booking resources ( Hotel Edition, MultiUser )
      • Optimization of time availability checking and disabling range time slots during single days selection (Premium, Premium Plus)
      • New shortcodes for booking form: [original_cost_hint] - show cost hint of original booking cost without additional costs for full booking in real time, depends only from days selection. [additional_cost_hint] - show cost hint of additional booking cost, ehich depends from selection of form elements. (Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Custom number of visitor selections inside of search form ( Hotel Edition )
      • Fixing issue with not posibility of booking, when using several calendars and one form and general calendar have not selected days ( Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Fix of showing payment form, when visitor click at payment link from payment request email, even if Paypal and Sage is not active (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Fixing issue of showing time 12:00AM insteed of 12:00PM at tooltip, when mouse over the day. (Premium, Premium Plus, MultiUser)
      • Fixing issue of incorrect showing dates in payment request at description of this payment. (Premium, Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Fixing issue in additioal cost calculation, now procents from one option can apply to the fixed summ from other option of selected checkbox or selectbox (Premium Plus, Hotel Edition, MultiUser)
      • Fixing issue of not disabling booked time slots in selectbox (range time) during single days selection in Internet Explorer 7 ( Premium, Premium Plus )
      • Much more...
    • Features and issue fixings in All versions:
      • Show at the admin menu number of new bookings.
      • Showing all actual bookings for today.
      • Booking Admin Bar menu. Add booking menu (with number of new bookings) to Admin Bar, if its supported.
      • Booking widget at the Dashboard wordpress page.
      • New interface style of tables and settings.
      • Security fix for defence JavaScript (XSS vulnerability) and SQL injection at the form.
      • Support of WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin(wpml.org). Fix compatibility with version.
      • Fix issue of not opening popup booking window at the edit post page, when pressing booking button, because of conflicts with some themes. Right now at this page is using standard jQuery variable not jWPDev.
      • Warning message, when user click on "Delete booking data" checkbox at settings page.
      • Fix some issues with France language.
      • Fix issues of showing "\'" sign at some non English languages.
      • Improve form fields checking and sending, saving data for special characters.
      • Improve security in SQL transactions.
      • Support of the selectors quotes: [property="value"] instead of [property=value].
      • Code refactoring


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