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  • As anybody seen anything like this? Used to have one (added a book review heading to “Write” and “Manage”), but in a house cleaning fit I went and deleted it from the server my blog is hosted on. A link to such a plugin would be nice.

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  • Do you mean the Now Reading plugin?

    There is also a plugin called Book Reviews.

    Not sure if Book Reviews is compatible with 2.5 (it still says 2.3 on the webiste) but since you’re familiar with adding new tabs to the main admin panel, Fresh Post might be useful.

    It allows you to create custom write panels.

    Hi mosey, do you have some experience with Fresh Post? I just thought to give it a try, installed it per instruction but I am unable to upload images (I created a custom field for images). I chmodded the cache folder to 777 … but if I click on upload nothing happens.
    Do they mean the cache folder within the fresh post folder or should there be an additional cache folder within the plugin director? Either way … it didn’t work for me. Do you have a tip for me? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Cinematic,

    I have to admit I’ve only tested Fresh Post briefly, but when I press upload, I get a message ‘Transferring’ and then

    The file FILENAME was uploaded successfuly. Please remember to click the submit button to save the post

    So after I save the post and it reloads, the image is displayed.

    The default option ‘edit images with’ doesn’t actually work for me either.

    I don’t think the strength of this plugin is in the image editing, and my main experience with it has been with one of it’s predecessors – Custom Write Panel that literally does what it says on the tin but is unfortunately not compatible with 2.5.1.

    My host runs on PHP 5.x and mySQL5.x.x. Perhaps it might also be worth checking the (Firefox) error console to see if that might also reveal any error messages?

    You’re not the only one with the upload problem though. It might be an idea to post a comment on the author’s own page as well.

    Sorry this reply isn’t particularly helpful!

    Thanks for your reply mosey. Did you create any folders when installing the plugin? In the faq section of the plugin they mention a cache folder in the plugin directory. I only have a cache folder within my fresh page plugin folder. Is this the cache folder they are talking of that needs to be chmodded? Or is there another cache folder to take care of? There is another mention of a files folder … I have no files folder either. If you upload a custom field image in which folder will it be stored? Sorry for being such a plague with this ..

    @cinematic: I have to admit I didn’t find it necessary to create any folders or change the CHMOD permission of cache. This is because by default, my host allows max 755 permission on the folders which is actually ideal for every plugin I’ve tried so far.

    I’ll have to look into which folder the image ended up in, so will post back when I return home later this evening.

    Hi mosey, I have followed your suggestion and asked the developer. They told me to chmod the files folder. Do you probably know which files folder they are talking of and where this files folder is located? I cannot find such a folder in my fresh-page installation or anywhere else.
    Thank you!

    edit: ok .. found it. There needs to be files folder within the fresh page folder. I have created it and upload worked fine … I can see the path to the image in the customfield area but now I have the problem that the image won’t be displayed .. 🙁

    @cinematic: I have to admit I have never had a problem with file permissions, which I think is full credit to my host for setting up the server so well! Glad to read that the developers got back to you and the file folder issue was resolved.

    If you right click and look at the properties of the image that doesn’t display, what’s the file URL?

    Hi mosey, the url that is shown in my customs field is

    I can’t right click anything because there is no image (not even the source code) in the post after saving it.

    I have created my files folder manually but I looked again at my zip package. There is no files folder inside of it. I am wondering where it came from in your installation? Maybe there is still anything wrong with my folders? Does your ‘files’ folder reside inside the fresh-page folder?

    It just needs somebody to talk to 🙂
    I think now I have found the problem. I have followed your download link to the wordpress plugin page and this zip package seems to be incomplete. I have now downloaded the file from the developers page

    This one contains a files folder and my guess is that the other package is simply incomplete … going to try the new package now. Wish me luck! 🙂

    Ah, my bad there then, cinematic! >_< I’m trying to remember where I downloaded the package from, and I’m pretty sure it was from the WordPress plugin page (as it seemed to have been updated quite recently – June 5th 2008)

    I had a look at the readme that I’ve got, and it says:

    Tested up to: 2.5.1
    Stable tag: .13

    The download (zip) file from the developer’s page has

    Tested up to: 2.3
    Stable tag: .11

    So now I’m a little bit confused. You are right in saying that the old version contains a files folder, and my only conclusion is that the (Wp repository version of the) plugin does actually create this folder when it is activated.

    Good luck nevertheless!

    Hi mosey, it took some time and I had to go through a learning curve until I got my first results :). In the beginning I didn’t realize that the template files need to be adjusted too in order to display the newly created fields. Now that I have understood the main principles this plugin looks more and more interesting to me. Is it right that the only way to display the created fields is within p tags? div-tags didn’t seem to work. Now I just have to figure out how to create a thumbnail field linking to a full width image. In any case this is a great plugin. Thanks for recommending it. I seriously doubt I had ever found it myself :).

    @cinematic: Good to read that it’s all working out for you! I have to admit I came across it by accident. I’ve used one of the plugins it builds on (Custom Write Panel) and really liked that, and was quite sad to find that CWP was no longer being developed.

    An alternative that you might want to consider that was recommended by Gabesands is More Fields. It doesn’t have the extra functionality for editing images etc. I think but I think it looks very good!

    Many thanks for the tip … I will check it out!

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