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    I am looking at developing my php/mysql skills and have bought a couple of books to do that. What I would also like to do is to tack into plugin building. Currently looking at buying Pro WordPress Development by Chris Davis or Blog Design Solutions by Andy Budd and others. What books would users recommend please? Any of the above or others?

    It is specifically to understand plugin building.



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    The naysayer speaks:

    Dont buy a book to learn about creating plugins. Respectfully, that’s a waste of cash.

    I started by writing very simple plugins- ones that didnt create admin pages, create tables, write to tables, etc.. just simple things.

    Since then i think I’ve created atleast 3 plugins that have full admin pages, 1 that creates and updates tables.. etc..

    You dont need a book, honest. 🙂

    ALL you need is here:

    It’s also useful to look at how other plugins are created, if you get stumped.

    There is nothing in a book thats going to provide you with anything that cannot already be found online. NOT to mention the fact that NO book is going to have a current list of hooks and filters available.

    Thanks for that – I am heading to your site to have a look. You’ve inspired and encouraged me!




    good 🙂 – though im not sure that you want to use what Ive done as an example of “best coding” by any means.

    The wordpress plugin api is very straightforward, even for people that arent so php literate.

    If I were you, and in fact, I was, I would just start on doing something simple – even so simple as attaching an echo statement to say .. wp_head (a hook)

    simple plugins are basically comprised of 2 things :

    1. your function(s).
    2. and a call that executes it where you want it (and thats where filters and hooks come in)

    Ive even started adding my own hooks, so that I can more meticulously control where a particular plugin is fired —

    wp_head is a great example of a catch all hook – the trouble is that so many plugins use it, that your source starts looking a mess.

    If you do ever need help with something, feel free to drop a line, just dont paste code into my contact form, as youre likely to be snagged by antispam system.

    Gotta admit that I learned about doing widgets but looking through the code of some of them. Plugins by doing the same with one of them. See how other developers do their code was a big help.

    I’ve been kicking out video player plugins for my wp,u install lately. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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