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Bonus points based on location

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  • Gabriel


    No experience with what you are asking about but if you have lat and lon you could use a location service to i.e. generate a Country or City for which you then add points accordingly.

    Would the location be used for content (posts/pages etc) or for users?

    Lat/lon are numbers so, if the meta is between. This range of numbers, then award bonus points.. the locations are from players posting in specified locations like a geocache game. Truth is, i would love to award points based on combination of category, tags, if photo included, time & location.. so the playrr must match all criteria.



    Sounds like we would need to build some custom logic that gives points. i.e.:

    IF post have the tags: yellow, bike
    AND in category: activities
    AND has feature image
    award x points.

    I know the wordpress mobile app has an option for geotag too, but i dont know what it does with this info or how to utilize it in my rss



    How to utilize that WordPress mobile app with geotags I can not help you with. Try the mobile apps support forum for that question.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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