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  • Hey forum – my first post and I’m brand new to WP too! Past experience is just front end CSS and a little bit of Drupal 6.x.

    Question: I want to build a custom website with a blog and photo galleries. I don’t want an existing theme, but would rather do all of the CSS from scratch if possible. The Bones theme from Themble looks like it might be just that – but does anyone have experience with it?

    I want to build on the WP platform and call in the right PHP to take advantage of WP plugins and such – just unfamiliar with how this CMS operates, and don’t want to burn a bunch of time on the wrong theme.

    Any feedback is much appreciated! I’ll be building the site to be responsive. Thanks!

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  • We can only advise on themes downloaded from

    Oh okay…then what theme should I use to start with a complete blank? I just don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to customize someone else’s CSS with child themes and such (unless that’s the best way to go).

    I need photo galleries and blogging on the website, along with the ability to create various sub page designs – and it all needs to be responsive CSS.

    Is this possible, or too much for WP and I should stick to Drupal?

    Thanks so much!

    If you don’t want to add the responsive CSS yourself, you could have a look at, or Whether you opt to use child themes or simply fork them into new themes is entirely up to you.

    In terms of a non-responsive starter theme, is pretty decent.

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    It’s very possible. Responsiveness can be easily added to just about any theme especially with child themes.

    It almost sounds like you may have to create one from scratch but I haven’t come across many photo/blogging themes yet. I know the repo has plenty of options you are looking for that you can implement from other themes.

    Thanks for the links above.

    I know this question sounds basic, but what is the downfall of just getting wordpress up and doing a 100% custom theme? I code every day for my job, and we do 100% responsive designs using Photoshop for design and text pad to write the code. For example, the latest site I did was (which is our site).

    What is the advantage of using, say the-bootstrap theme and building on top of that as opposed to starting at ground zero?

    I really appreciate the help – just don’t want to waste time starting wrong.

    *Please note: I’m assuming that you can add WP modules to any theme right? Just like Drupal?

    I’ve been digging around and it looks like the theme might be the way to go….as opposed to starting completely from scratch. Any comments are valued.

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    Pretty good overview by Philip Arthur on creating WP themes

    Yes, the _s theme is really good. I’ve come across a few themes that use that as their starting point while reviewing a few.

    Awesome….thanks! I’ll try that route and post back here when finished!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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