• I entered a new post in my blog and now everything is bold.. Can anyone help please thanks.


    Even the other posts are bold.

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  • Looks fine to me.

    yeah on the top post, the bottom of it is all in bold..
    i cant get #2-4 to have blank space between them.

    on the bottom posts, everything is in italcs.

    I cant see the bold, but i can see the italics on the bottom. It looks like on the NCAA College Football 2007 Preview post you didnt close the em tag after:

    “New Ways to Play—Utilize new gameplay mechanics like Jump the Snap, Slide Protection, Smart Routes, Defensive Hot Routes, and Precision Passing to gain every advantage over your rivals.”

    Omi, I just looked at your code and well… its not pretty. Its got em tags all over the place on that one post litterally hundereds of them…

    Must be somthing to do with the WYSIWYG editor breaking on somthing. Sorry I dont know how to fix it 🙁

    I ran into something similar…

    I accidentally had done this:

    Some text here.

    …so, on the home page all of the blogs below the first one were bold.

    Had to move the <!–more–> below the closing strong tag.


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