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  • Can’t you put the text you need to be bold inside the tag <strong></strong>?

    no, it doesn’t show up, hence this post 🙂

    What is the text you need to be bold in your layout? So i can check with firebug what happens 🙂

    its any text…as soon as i update the page the code disappears

    still looking for help

    Do you have any editor plugins installed?

    Hi, cree8!!!
    Is above mentioned link of your site?
    I just inspected some paragraphs via firebug of that link and applied font-weight:bold and it works fine.
    where the issue you are facing? Can you please, explain?

    One more thing….
    If you want to do any type of modification in any theme, the recommended approach of wordpress experts for this work is to create a child theme and do your required updates there.

    For quick example of creating child theme, please click here.

    right…there wouldn’t be a problem applying bold within the stylesheet. It’s when I apply the tags within the page. b and strong.

    I had a similar issue a while back but can’t remember the exact resolution. From what I remember the theme is stripping the tags out of the page – something to do with get_the_content() only displaying the actual text and not the formatting tags within it. I may be wrong.

    What theme are you using, cant you share a link?

    i did share a link in the first post. it’s a custom theme

    i know its something in the stylesheet that’s stripping the tags, just can’t figure out what

    here’s the stylesheet:

    I dont think its in the stylesheet. I think its a wordpress function in your page.php in the theme folder. Does it use the get_the_content() function?

    Take a look at this

    Hope this helps

    thanks chisler, i tried that, but the code it says to put in the functions.php file gives me a 500 error when I copy it as is. Am I missing something?

    Can you copy/paste your single.php here?
    Remember to use the ‘code’ tag above 🙂

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    it seems ok.
    Plugins installed?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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