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  • What about the keyboard shortcuts for the bold function?

    I select the text, I use the keyboard shortcut and most of the time, instead of being marked correctly, it is deselected. Or only part of the text is marked and the rest is deselected. Or more than selected is marked.

    I don’t know if it happens with other functions like italics.

    What I do know is that it’s something from WordPress since it happens to me in several different installations with different plugins and themes (even in a test site without plugins and default theme) and it does not happen to me in any other application that I use.

    Hope you can check it out and fix it because it’s really annoying to work like this.

    Thanks. Greetings.

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    As always, i noticed something extra right after posting.

    I just noticed that these strange behaviors happen when the mouse skims the border of the block and the blue frame appears.

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