• I am new to this website thing and I have written my pages but would like to bold and italicize things on my page. How do I do this? I have ready many posts on this and still cannot figure out how.

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  • Just checking to see if anyone has the answer to my first post on bold, italics, and underlining. Thanks.

    If you use the visual editor then the buttons are there if you using the html editor then the tags are.


    It shows that I’m using the Visual editor and the buttons are not there. Also when I go to select HTML is says “error on page.” If I were to type them in as HTML, where do I type these commands in? I tried to type them in the page I wrote and it didn’t work. Thanks for the help.

    Nevermind, I just figured it out and put it in front and after my test. Thank you so much Jeremy.

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