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    I’m using 2.001

    God, I hate that WYSIWYG. Why do we even need a WYSIWYG editor, when we have a preview underneath?

    I used some BOLD titles in a post. They slopped down, as if I failed to close strong in the post. The Subsequent post’s title and body were all BOLD, and so on all the way down the blog.

    I couldn’t find a missing , so I deleted the frigging post, and reposted it.

    Well, the same thing then started with the next post down. BOLD all the way.

    I don’t think it’s in any post code. But how the hell does a tag leak out of a post into the whole format.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Damnation! I forgot to mention: the problem is in Firefox only. MS Explorer is fine.

    God, I hate that WYSIWYG.

    Users > Your Profile, scroll to the bottom for Personal Options, “Use the visual rich editor when writing.”

    RE: Bold everywhere.

    A link would help in troubleshooting this.

    The BOLD problem is only present in FIREFOX. MS Explorer shows the blog as intended.

    Logout fully from the blog.
    Does it still happen ?

    If so.. it’s a plugin issue.

    The only plugin I use is one anti-Spam comment screener.

    I’m logged in on Explorer, and not on Firefox. The glitch appears in Firefox. I mention this, in case it helps shed any light.

    I see nothing wrong.
    Post a screenshot please ?

    Using Firefox, your page causes processor loads of 100% here.
    It’s crashed FF once… that and your large number of validation errors should be sorted when you get the time, though it may well be unrelated to this.

    The all BOLD starts with 3rd article down MINIATURE BOOKS, and continues all the way down the blog’s front page.

    Originally the currently second post: Guantanamo Transcripts, Section 40, Case 1 was directly abve Miniature Books. I assume that BOLD was leaking into the title of Miniature Books (and then down) from somewhere in this post, so I deleted it and then reloaded it, moving it up one in sequence. But that failed to fix the problem.

    I suppose I may be running too many geegaws and toys in the right column.

    I’ll look in the docs for recommended validation sites. Are there special ones for WordPress blogs?

    Mere post-defeat-and-capture claims of innocence of hostile intentions toward the United States are insufficient to exculpate known attendance at a terrorist training camp. I would not release him.

    <strong />

    That last tag is not valid.
    And the other validation errors will help to avoid this in the future.

    Validation site:

    That number looks scary but it’s very easily reduced.

    <strong />

    That last tag is not valid.
    And the other validation errors will help to avoid this in the future.

    I bet I threw that last one in last night as a futile effort to kill that BOLD format leaking downward, when I couldn’t find an unclosed .


    I logged in in Firefox, and logged out. I then logged out in Explorer (which I normally leave logged in). That BOLD is still there in Firefox, I’m afraid. And –as I mentioned– I only use one plugin, and that one has been running forever.

    Please note that in above post. My reference to an unclosed “<” strong “>” made the last paragraph bold and the “<“strong”>” went invisible.

    I looked at the 800+ errors in the validator. Two questions:

    (1) Where do I look up the correct image insert code? Many, many of these errors are related to inserted image files, which are supposed to be missing an ALT.

    Line 328 column 156: required attribute “alt” not specified.
    ….com/wp-images/MiniatureBooks2.jpg” />

    Note: “>” after “.jpg” is highlighted in colour.


    2. References to errors are by line and column. They refer to source codes, which I thought were buried off in more than one SQL database. Is there a central code file I don’t know about? How can they be talking about column 0 and column 5?

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