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  • I’ve tried to follow the examples with the latest version of the free plugin, and I can’t get a simple buy one get one free when entering a coupon. Here’s my setup below.

    What am I doing wrong?



    BLUEPRINT section
    – Cart Discount
    – BOGO
    – Buy something, Discount next item
    – Advanced Rule

    – Any Product
    – Buy Each Unit
    – Unlimited Rule Usage per cart

    – Discount Group same as buy group
    – Discount Next One (single unit)
    – None

    – Free
    – Each Product
    – VETS241 (that’s my coupon code)

    – all none

    – Yes, priority 10
    – Yes
    – Yes – Apply Discount to Product Price, even if On Sale

    Woocommerce coupon setup
    – fixed cart discount
    – coupon amount 0
    – no other restrictions.

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  • Plugin Author vark


    Your rule and woo coupon setup look correct.

    suggest a *full module conflict test*:

    To track down a module conflict, please follow these steps ** PRECISELY **:
    (1) Install and activate a maintenance mode plugin (if desired)
    (2) Then, DO ALL (*at the same time*):
    (-) do a full site backup!
    (-) deactivate ***all*** plugins except Woo, my plugins (and maintenance mode plugin)
    (-) ** switch to a clean default theme like 2017 **
    — (This removes all other possible conflicts.)
    (-) turn off all deals except the one we are examining.

    (3) ** test **
    (4) if good, add 1 module back in. ** Retest **
    (5) Repeat until conflict identified.

    ** This test depends on following the outlined steps fully. **

    (PS – If you do have a module conflict, it will likely boil down to choosing between the 2 conflicting modules…)

    Thank you, I am still working through all of this.


    Unfortunately, trying all of those steps didn’t help.

    I’m now using the 2017 theme.

    Active Plugins
    – VarkTech Pricing Deals for WooCommerce
    – WooCommerce
    – WooCommerce Stripe Gateway

    That’s it. It’s always $0 off, it never discounts anything. It’s like it doesn’t even run at all. If I change the woocommerce coupon to $1 off, that’s what comes off.

    You’ll need to give me further debug steps, like placing debug log messages in various places.

    Plugin Author vark


    Please send to vark [ a t ] varktech [ d o t ] com:

    (*) a full, complete screenprint of the rule , top to bottom
    – (please send as a FILE attachment, and not pasted into the body of the email)

    (*) a full, complete screenprint of the WOO Coupon , top to bottom
    – (please send as a FILE attachment, and not pasted into the body of the email)

    (*) your System Report:
    – Go into wp-admin, select Woocommerce->System Status .
    – Click button ‘Get System Report’ at top of page.
    – Click button ‘Copy for Support’.
    – Paste into the email

    Sent! Thanks for your help.

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