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  • Is there a need to use the “rap” id? Can’t this information just be contained in the “body” division?

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  • Not everything. If you want to have a different background in the rap, for example.

    What always puzzled me is why it was called ‘rap’ and not ‘wrap’.

    weird considering the developers is a jazz fan and not a rap fan…
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    < body > is an HTML element while “rap” is simply a CSS container which is used to “hold” all of the page goodies. It’s a common practise in CSS to use such a thing. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it can be useful.
    @willm & Mathibus,
    Rename “rap” to anything you want. 🙂

    I think you need the “rap” to center your content (if your weblog has a fixed width for example).

    I agree that “wrap” would have been immediately clearer (or “container”), but as it is it’s OK, and changing it would probably break some old layouts come next upgrade. The smart thing would be to add a comment making it clear. Depending upon the intelligence of a human is always a mistake; even if the human is yourself, somewhere later in time!
    However, whether it’s called rap or wrap or bigboogaloo, it does no harm being there, and permits several useful CSS layout and coloring ideas to be expressed with tweaks to the stylesheet only. This is a good thing, and it does no harm being there when it’s not being used.

    Besides, it’s nothing compared to “$cats” and “$dogs”.

    Ok, now I understand it’s purpose. It’s taking me a while to wrap my head around the concept of CSS, but I think I’m beginning to understand. All style info should be in the style sheet. Now I think I’ll have to rebuild my template to be more compliant.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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