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  • hi – could not find reference to this in the forums. i have a collaborative site we’ve been working on content for – nothing posted yet except a landing page. all of the posts have been sitting in draft mode, nothing published.

    one of the other people was unable to log in briefly, then, regained access. the only difference was that she was logging in from a different location/machine. doubt that matters, but its part of the story.

    upon successful log in, she noticed that the drafts were all blank. the post titles were still there, but all the saved work had been wiped.

    she alerted me, and i logged in and saw the same thing. any idea what might have happened?

    any idea how to fix?


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  • It might be a plugin conflict or theme conflict. I’ve had times when a specific theme conflicts with the Editor, and nothing will save that is added in the Editor. So I’d try disabling your plugins and switching to the default theme to see if you can then create a post and the content will stay.

    As far as getting your content back, WordPress should have saved revisions, so you might be able to retrieve all the content.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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