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  • Im having a problem when I make a new page I can write 5 paragraphs and it only displays the page name no content gets displayed. I am talking about adding new pages not posts. The problem is with adding new pages.

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  • The page settings might be on “private” or “draft”. Once you save the page do the paragraphs show up when you click the “view page” link?

    Can you supply a link or a URL of where this is happening on your site? We will be better able to address the issue with this information.

    HERE IS THE URL and on top of it when you click on read more theresa image there I did not add thats off centered also I checked the featured image and there is none. Any help would be appreciated

    It appears, according to your site code, that you did not post any content in your page. Also, the read more button is set to be a link to an image upload in your media library. Recheck your page in your editor. Also, you may want to try this out on the default Twenty Eleven theme to see if the page content gets picked up.

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    Munny1? Next time just post the link to the pastebin and not the iframe code. 😉 The iframe won’t work here.

    Thanks! Phil, any luck?

    It actually worked ok when I made a totally different page and activated the stock wordpress theme. But it still won’t work in this theme I bought.

    What is the theme ?
    You might be better asking at the themes support !

    You may just want to make a whole different page and then paste all of your content there.

    Thank you everyone for the help the creation of a totally different page and new name worked thank you again everyone…….

    Glad to help!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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