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  • Hi!
    I just asked for feedback on my theme
    (yes, home-made by me 🙂
    The post is here:

    I got some really useful feedback and now I have some follow-up questions:

    I understand that the body background image is too wide.
    I’d much rather achieve the same effect in some other way, but I can’t think of a reasonably straight forward way of achieving it.

    I was trying to create a look of a sheet of writing-paper on a wooden tray which is lying on a linen table cloth.
    (i.e. there are three background layers: The paper, the wood tray and the table cloth.

    Also, there is some elasticity in the middle column – it can be made quite a bit smaller.

    Because I am completely new to web design / development / CSS I really can’t think of how to keep the style that I decided on, but make the background picture less wide.

    Any tips appreciated!
    The site is at

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  • Hi I am not very good at it. But try to make the image 1024 instead of the 1600+ u have.
    Most people brows with 1024

    Yes… but there ARE plenty of people out there with really large screens (my own are 20″ and 24″ for instance).

    If I just ‘chop’ the image at a width of 1024px it will look really ugly for people with large screens.

    Ideally I’d like the table-cloth to be the real background and the wood and paper bits to be some kind of layer. Apparently that will be possible in CSS3, but I need something that will work now..)

    Actually, if I remember well, the width of the bg image has nothing to do with the width (scrollbar) of a site.
    If it is a bg image – there will be shown as much as fits in the browser window. Background images, unlike inserted images, don’t force horizontal scrollbars. Unless you have anything else in your code thaht makes it messy.

    I took a look at your stylesheet but, for me, it seems unnecessarily over-complicated, so I gave up on finding the error. Sorry.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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