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  • Finding that when a .bmp file is uploaded, scissors is not resizing it. .jpg files, however, work just fine. Is this a limitation of the plugin or is this possibly a server setting I can adjust?

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  • y do u need to use a .bmp file? such files consume lot of space and its of no use resizing them.. you can use this tool to convert your bmp file to jpeg. you can also reduce the size and resize as well 🙂

    @wrool: Agreed that .bmp files consume a lot of space. While the majority of writers know enough to convert to JPG, some do not.

    Was hoping that the scissors plugin could automate the resizing and possible conversion to JPG automatically to prevent the extra steps of going through a 3rd party tool or webservice.

    They upload an image of any size/type and scissors converts it to the configured type (JPG, etc) and size (600×480, etc) automatically.

    see the comment sections and answers here

    WordPress can’t resize bmp images!

    Agreed. The point of plugins is to extend WordPress’s native functionality. GD library, which most servers have present, supports bmp conversion to jpg format. Incorporperating optional GD support will allow scissors to manage a larger number of formats and covert/resize them according to the admins desired output.

    You can use the “Mime Types” Plugin to setup which extension do you need, and lock others from any upload. So users must convert the bmp images to jpg before upload it. Less work for you, less server load, and they lived all happily ever after 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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