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    Update: Had to recreate thumbnails.

    Hey Gary,
    I’m facing a similar issue with an Instagram gallery I created. I went into the gallery, selected all the photos and from the dropdown, selected recreate thumbnails, but still blurry images where the gallery is being displayed. Am I missing something?

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    Hello @garyupham and @jplafata!

    Thanks for posting about this!
    Let me describe the process of fixing blurry thumbnails using Photo Gallery settings.

    Firstly, as you know, you can change the thumbnail size by changing values of Generated Thumbnail Dimensions and Frontend Thumbnail Dimensions options.

    Generated Thumbnail Dimensions (Photo Gallery Options > Global Options > Thumbnails tab) defines the physical size of thumbnail images. Whereas Frontend Thumbnail Dimensions (Photo Gallery Options > Shortcode defaults > Thumbnails tab) is its display size. So it is important to keep frontend dimensions smaller than generated dimensions.

    You also need to Recreate the thumbnails after making these changes. This is done to have a nice resolution for thumbs.

    Then edit your gallery page and make sure Image thumbnail dimensions is set to the desired size here as well.

    Thank you!



    Man, this is confusing. Why would there be 3 different places to choose your thumbnail size? From a user experience perspective, we should be able to enter 400×400 once indicating that we want our thumbnails to display at this size, then indicate how to crop them by dragging that square around, and be done. I’ll try going in to those other places. I wish myself luck.

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    Hello, @doland!

    Thank you for your notes!

    There is a way to do that, however, you will need to make this change when uploading images to your galleries.

    As pointed in the screenshot below, you will need to use Thumbnail Maximum Dimensions option of Photo Gallery’s File Uploader.

    Let us know in case you have questions.


    Hi @photogallerysupport,
    I’ve tried your suggestions, however I still have one (instagram) album that displays blurry even after ensuring the proper size settings and recreating thumbnails. Any other areas I should be checking?

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    Hi, @jplafata!

    Yes, there is a global problem for Instagram albums, Photo Gallery team has this in their development task list.

    If you are in a hurry, we can have a look at the problem on your site and provide a solution until the update with this fix is done.

    Please contact our team in case you would like this, and mention the link to this forum thread in your message.

    We’ll also share the solution here.
    Thank you! Have a great day!

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