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  • Hello,

    I have created images of the text I want on the page to avoid duplicate content, and when some of those images appear when you drop them down in Collapse O Matic, they appear blurry, but only in Chrome. They look fine in Firefox and IE. Remember, these are images of text, NOT selectable text. So it’s blurring the image.

    The thing is, if I switch to certain other themes, the images of my text are all clear in Chrome. So I believe there must be a css setting that’s making this happen, but I don’t know what it is. On a similar note, if I put the image OUTSIDE of the Collapse O Matic code the same image is clear in chrome, so it’s only happening when INSIDE the Collapse O Matic code.

    I am NOT using the short codes, I have it static. Could someone please take a look and offer a suggestion on how to get this working right? Here is a test site below. Once you get there click the first link that says “Click here for more info.”. You will see that it is clear, but only because I have removed the class=”collapseomatic_content” statement from the trigger line. If I include it the text is fuzzy.

    Now, if you click the second “Click here for more info” link there are 2 seperate images in that section. The first one is a bit blurry compared to the one below it which is crystal clear. But if you click any of the other “Click here for more info” links you will see they are blurry in Chrome.

    Yes, I have removed the class=”collapseomatic_content” line from the other ones, but they are still blurry.

    Here’s the test link:

    Please help!

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