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  • I had trouble with that for a while too, but I think it was from too many settings being set, not having known that settings for image thumbnails are not all in one place, always, and lots of extra JPG compression artifacts plus awkward cropping .

    so check:

    Woocommerce -> Settings -> Catalog (at the bottom of that page, see Image Options)

    and also check

    Settings -> Media -> Image sizes

    you might want a “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin to make sure your old image thumbnails are confidently removed and replaced, that you activate every time you change your thumbnail/image settings and want to see the results right away.

    in one of my current themes, Wootique, there are even more settings to check … for “Dynamic Image Resizing”

    “There are two alternative methods of dynamically resizing the thumbnails in the theme,WP Post Thumbnail or TimThumb – Custom Settings panel. We recommend using WP Post Thumbnail option.”

    As a last resort, you could look at your front end and make sure you know exactly how big your images are going to end up … and resize them all before uploading, so that no cropping or reduction/enlargement happens at all. I favor the automated process and getting all your settings known and straightened out though, to make your site more flexible and your site layout more potentially fluid.

    I’ve changed the Image sizes, cropped them before inserting so that they are 300px and installed the plugin but they are still blurry…

    yes, same exact problem and i didn’t have it before 3.5.

    for instance

    when you click on the image, then it opens up and looks fine. but the single image on this page
    and the catalog page

    are blurry. Sheesh, i have an original fine art site, so it’s critical that the images are clear.

    It seems that wordpress is optimizing them somehow and lowering their overall resolution…could that be happening and is there a way to make it upload res at 100%?


    I registered just to give citynode some credit.

    You really got try that plug in tool

    “Regenerate Thumbnails”

    after following the first two of his steps, I ran the plug in from my tools tab in wordpress.

    Worked like a charm.

    Thanks and kudos.

    I have problem with blurry images as well. I am using Custom Community Pro theme.
    I’ve noticed that for example I have Single Product Image size set to 300X300. (in WC Settings >> Catalog >> Image Options), but it is displayed as 330×330 instead of 300×300. I would think that my images are blurry because they are resized to 300X300, but stretched to 330×330. The same problem with Catalog Images and Product Thumbnails.
    Any suggestions how to fix this?



    Hi there, I did exactly what Citynode above said. I played with different sizes for the images (for quite some time) under Settings/Media/Image sizes. Then used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

    That did it for me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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