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  • I was wondering if someone may be able to diagnose what’s happening. Been using wordpress for a few years now, and only since my upgrade to 2.6 am I seeing this problem.

    Images uploaded through the post interface are posting out of focus. The original jpg image is fine. I’m not resizing within the browser (images are created and saved at 100% the final published size).

    Any ideas on what might be causing this?


    It’s visible in the webcomic Intergalactic Law on the front page. If you click back to the beginning (or about 5 or so episodes back) you’ll see the problem disappear. Like I said, only since the WP 2.6 upgrade. And no, nothing else has changed in my workflow on the graphics end of things.

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  • Okay, I”m a total dork.

    Turns out that it’s Firefox 3 and it’s “sticky zoom” feature. WordPress remains a champ.

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