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Blunt movie reviews

  • I “review” movies although it’s more of a retelling through my eyes. Every “review” has a lot of spoilers and I tend to curse a lot so you may want to shy away if you A) Haven’t seen the movie for a particular article and don’t want spoilers or B) are allergic to words you wouldn’t say in front of your boss. Honestly, I just tell it like it is. Unfortunately not everyone agrees that that’s the way it is. Those people can go to hell though. I’ve just started about a week ago but I’ve kept a pretty consistent stream of posts so far between all the drinking and the constant punching of myself in the face. Check it out, see if it’s your style. The design is just a template created by somebody else, it’s actually a really great template but I’d like to customize it at some point to make it unique to my site. I’ll figure that out whenever I get a moment in between bench pressing cargo planes and wrestling elephants into submission.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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