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  • So, I’m attempting to start a blog and currently running into some confusion with the set up.

    I want to run it using Bluehost hosting and

    The first thing I did was purchase a plan on Bluehost. With the purchase, I was given a free domain name which was automatically set up for me. The first issue is that the domain is linked to wordpress.COM not .ORG which I was wanting to use instead.

    Now I have a plan on bluehost, a free domain set up on, and a profile on Each page is showing different previews of the website, and I don’t know how to get everything to just flow properly between Bluehost and .ORG.

    I know this is probably simple, but I’m not the best with these things. I hope I explained this well enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to start my blog ASAP.

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  • That depends on whether you can control your free domain name. Basically if you have access to the domain settings, you can configure the name server to point to your Blue Host instead of

    So that when a user access your site in the browser, it will load the site from Blue Host and not from There are lot of tutorials in the Internet on how to change the domain name server (NS). I believe your domain registrar or Blue Host will have that one.

    Okay, you have a domain (favoringthefuture dot com) registered by and hosted at Bluehost that is running on WordPress CMS software. Your site at has a maintenance page up right now and should be reachable to work on it via where you will need your username and password to get started.

    If you need further guidance then check out this page at Bluehost for more info.

    I have no idea what caused the confusion you are experiencing about WordPress dot com unless you are thinking WordPress is divided into WordPress dot org and WordPress dot com due to some people referring to the software as WordPress dot org vs the hosting company known as WordPress dot Com.

    You might also like to read the book ‘WordPress for Dummies’ or another beginner’s guide. Don’t let the title put you off either, I have several Dummies guides on my shelves and they are still very useful to me.

    I also consider this one of my favorite WordPress ‘goto sites’…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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