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  • You guys I don’t think that Bluehost is very dependable, because they have relocated my site to two servers in the last year, and still I am having a lot of down time, I picked them because they were listed here as a recommended hosting service, but I am questioning them now. It takes them about a day to get back to you, so their technical support, customer service isn’t too bad… It’s the uptime that I am worried about. Every time I go to log into my wordpress installation I get a missing database error, and then a few minutes later, everything is working like it should. My site is always slow, or is having problems, and I don’t how to deal with Bluehost… Does anyone else using their service have anything to say?

    I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon, but I would like to hear similar experiences… Thanks…

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  • I had BlueHost about 2 hosts ago, I found their support to be greatly lacking, i.e., they NEVER responded to any of my questions.

    I’m a fairly knowledgeable user so I managed most things on my own, but I’m sure others would be frustrated.

    Their uptime was OK enough, but they did was spells of downtime that lasted days. I moved to Dreamhost which was a nightmare towards the end.

    I’m now with my 3rd host in 3 years and so far things are OK enough. Every time I get to thinking about stability and so on I begin to wonder if it’s better for me to host my own little webserver. But the cots of that just doesn’t add up to shared hosting these days..

    Short of getting a virtual private server, dedicated server or something more exclusive, you’re always going to have issues with shared hosting. That’s part of the parcel I guess..


    Yeh why the fuck do WordPress promote them when Bluehost have rubbish customer care (im waiting for an email at the moment from them) and their downtime is like every other day on they are rubbish, at first they were good but not I dont feel the same way, they should either upgrade their equiqment of get away from the hosting world because I will certainly NOT be giving out any more free advertisment via word of mouth, bluehost are crap so dont go near them. And wordpress remove them from your hosting list as theu dont really have any proper support and their downtime is under 99% are rubbish so dont buy hosting from them!

    Quote from the hosting page (written by the devs, I suppose):

    “We’re committed to helping create a wholesome and hassle-free WordPress hosting environment. If you feel there are issues with one of the hosts listed here, please send a note to”

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    3 complaints about Bluehost.
    I’ve been in these forums for 2.5 years – and yours are the first complaints I recall.
    Not happy? Move elsewhere.

    Swearing gets you nowhere. Don’t.

    You have made your points. They do not need repeating.

    First why should’nt I repeat my points? I am informing other WordPress people of the lack of good service Bluehost provides and for them to stay away from them. Secondly if you use your head podz you will see that more people have complained about Bluehost, that is of course if you ever use the search feature. @podz – you seem not to grasp the point about sharing information if you dont have any usefull information to give shut up and dont post.

    I would like to make a point to whoever edits the hosting page to remove Bluehost from their list or at least move them down the list, however I dont think this will happen as wordpress and bluehost have a thing going on, if you click the bluehost like this is the url: now it would seem that WordPress are given money to direct people towards Bluehost? I dont know im only a normal registered user.

    oh yeh and i apologies for anyone getting upset about me swearing but i really get annoyed at Bluehosts imcomapence.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven


    Already have.

    Well i wrote to WordPress and they have not replied to me so i am dissapointed with their service, tut tut wordpress. Oh and bluehost seems to have got worse, it now seems that when certain people with Norton Antivirus installed on their computer visit my website a message occurs saying it has detected a hacking attempt. This is just wrong as I have done several checks on my hosting package and I read somewhere that this is an error with bluehost.

    Down again today for half an hour.
    Email service went down.

    I dont think this will happen as wordpress and bluehost have a thing going on, if you click the bluehost like this is the url: now it would seem that WordPress are given money to direct people towards Bluehost?

    That’s just a tracking URL I’m sure…
    Nevermind the fact that even if WP was getting any money from sending people there – it’s Bluehost’s issue when something’s wrong with your site that’s not related to wordpress alone. Despite what your host might tell you, it’s almost ALWAYS a hosting issue.

    Again, this has nothing to do with wordpress, so there’s little point in constantly complaining about it here. You were given an email address to write your complaint to – they’re not going to answer you because you posted here. And you need to be patient. Period.

    Anything else – take it up with Bluehost.

    I would just like to point out to you that I am not constantly complaining, I am logging any information which may help fellow bluehost users in the future to make a just opinion. All I would like WordPress to do is to take Bluehost off their hosting page. Again if wordpress would like to provide me with an answer etc please use the email I used to register.

    It seems ladydelaluna that you have got the wrong end of the stick, I have course complained many a time to Bluehost and have never got a justified email back, I am not here to complain about bluehost because this is not the place to and I know that. I am merely informing fellow wordpress users who are thinking about hosting with Bluehost. As soon as Bluehost clean up their act I will then post that here and advice people to host with Bluehost.

    If you want to discuss hosts in depth, take the conversation over to forums — that’s where it’s fruitful to discuss such things. You get such a small slice of the internet here, don’t always get a ‘real’ picture of the world. For instance, people may have installed a blog, but don’t use their domain’s email (so don’t note downtime as much…). And average low-use bloggers probably aren’t running uptime services either. 😉

    I hear you, feel your pain, but there’s no more that can be usefully done here.

    And writing things like “As soon as Bluehost clean up their act…” is completely useless here. The hosting folks aren’t reading, they’re all over at webhostingtalk! 😉


    Like I said I would in my previous post I will inform users when Bluehost cleans up it’s act.

    And it has! I recently got an email from them stating the problem for so much downtime over the past few months (it was due to Red Hat Linux screwing up – cant trust open source 😉 anyway I would now recommend anyone to get Bluehost.

    I have certainly seen an improvement.



    Beginning to wonder about BlueHost as well. (Actually I’ve always wondered about BlueHost.) Got spammed with a $2.95 a month coupon a few days ago. Considering that they kick back about $75 for a referral, something ain’t right there.

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