• Has anyone experienced Bluehost wordpress sites being slow? I have a site hosted with Bluehost and it’s slow, and it surprises me because Bluehost is one recommended on the hosts page of this site. I am asking because I need to host a bigger site and I am wondering whether to look for a new host. Thanks

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  • I use bluehost, overall I’m happy enough. Do you do anything to optimize your site at all?

    How many plugins do you use? Is your theme lightweight? Do you cache at all?

    These are all things that affect your site’s load times. Also, what do you mean by ‘bigger site’?

    Depending how large, you’ll find that no shared web hosting will work. If you mean big in terms of a lot of content, that’s fine… but if you mean big in terms of traffic, you’ll outgrow your hosting. I can handle a decent amount of traffic on bluehost with caching, cdn, and cloudflare.

    You can see how much you might be outgrowing BH in your cpanel, there is a little icon to check on throttling. If your site hogs too many resources, you get throttled. Check the chart out and see how often they are throttling you. If you are being throttled, you can remedy it using some of the options I mentioned above…. but like I said, if you get too big, no shared/web hosting package will work. You’ll need to move on to soemthing bigger

    With enough optimization, caching, etc., as Rev. Voodoo mentioned, you can make even a fairly heavy trafficked site run smoothly.

    You will want to start by getting rid of any extra plugins. Get rid of whatever you can safely afford to get rid of. Note that even deactivated plugins can cause issues sometimes, so it is best to remove them rather than just deactivate them.

    Caching, minimizing Javscript and CSS, trimming your database, etc., can all help. This article should help explain a lot of that and show you how to make your site more happy.

    I have been using hostgator for a long time with no issues, then I added a few new sites to my collection using bluehost because a friend of mine is an affiliate. Instantly I notice the cpanel interface is slower than hostgator. Besides that, the wordpress installer script only works half the time for me, whereas fantastico in hostgator has never failed. Also I have already had to contact support twice in a month and I’ve never had to contact the gator folks.

    I’m going to give them a chance but they need to shape up seriously or there going to lose business. My opinion for what it’s worth.

    I am a little over three months into my first-ever web-site experience, and I have had virtually no troubles at all either with or at BlueHost. I have a dedicated IP with good security and SPAM blocking within my installation, I remove and avoid any kind of troublesome plugin/s, and I keep my Twenty Twelve Child Theme “tight, clean and right”. But most of all, the guys in the Support Department are always quick and friendly in having solid answers and actions to offer even when having to go in from the back to re-open the door for me.

    Many thanks to BlueHost!

    I have a reseller account with Bluehost. Currently all my websites are offline. I’ve never been happy with the site speed and I’ve been convinced that I’m not getting the “25mbps” i am paying for. Even the cPanel takes 7-10 seconds to load. WTF?!?!?

    I am having the same issue with my reseller hosting account with BlueHost. When I was with Hostgator, my sites would go down maybe once or twice a month sometimes, but after switching over to reseller BlueHost, I’ve noticed my website status scripts trigger alot more often than HostGator. What used to be 1-2 notice a month is now 2-3 a day with BlueHost reseller. What is going on?


    Sounds like you two have a server down or high load. You would have to contact Bluehost about that and can’t be helped in a WordPress forum.

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