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  1. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've paid for 2 years of hosting with Bluehost but I wasn't really able to use it for a year...now that I'm ready to fully use it for WordPress, I've been reading negative reviews about it.

    What I've noticed these past few months was how the live chat support seems to be "impatient" compared to before. They seem to terminate the chats immediately if you don't reply within 1 minute.

    So today, I logged into my cpanel and wanted to use Simple Scripts but it wouldn't let me log in so I opened up the live chat to talk to Bluehost's support.

    As I was doing some cache clearing and copying the url of the site where I'm redirected, the support ended the chat. So I reconnected again and I was surprised I was connected to the same person. So anyway, since it took me a long time to get connected the first time, I thought that it would be the same the 2nd time. After a while of being connected and I didn't notice it was connected already, the same person terminated the chat again!

    After connecting for the third time, I still kept my cool and asked why he ended our chats, he said that I didn't respond after one minute so he ended the chat.

    I was beginning to get pissed off but I kept it to myself. I just said that let's move to the problem.

    [2:19:32 AM]: anyway, on to the issue
    [2:19:41 AM]: here's the url where I get redirected
    [2:19:42 AM]: https://www.simplescripts.com/account/login/ret:account--main
    [2:20:00 AM]: when I click simple scripts from cpanel

    Jake [2:20:20 AM]: It's working fine Here... it MUST be something on your end

    Me [2:21:08 AM]: can you be more helpful?
    [2:21:32 AM]: instead of saying it's something on my end?

    Jake [2:21:39 AM]: I cannot fix something that is NOT broken,

    Me [2:21:51 AM]: wow, you're rude
    [2:22:49 AM]: previous support would actually guide me through steps on how to resolve the problem

    Jake [2:23:15 AM]: on my edn, there is no problem I cannot fix something that I cannot see

    Me [2:23:28 AM]: that's why I gave you the url

    Jake [2:23:29 AM]: You will have to open a ticket,
    Thank you for contacting our Live Chat. If you have additional questions, many answers can be found through our Knowledgebase. If you have other issues arise please let us know. Remember our World Class Support is just a click away!

    Have a nice day!

    He ended the chat right away. Bluehost's Customer support people before were really patient and would guide you and really try to resolve the issue. But I've noticed that when you chat with Bluehost's support now, they seem to give off the tone that you're such a nuisance to them.

    Anyway, I found another site experiencing horrible service from Bluehost. http://blenderunderground.com/2008/10/08/bluehost-support-problems/

    So, please help me find another hosting for WordPress and Joomla. I'll just try to sell my 1 year left of paid bluehost hosting.

    (This rude experience isn't just an isolated case...)

  2. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Wow...after posting this, I can now magically log-in to Simple Scripts...after months of not being able to log in from the cpanel.

    How...convenient...that I have to post something first before some kind of action takes place.

    So, is Godaddy ok for WordPress?

  3. BernardBorealis
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Wow. That is not at all like the Bluehost support I am accustomed to. I am not sure what the issue was but, it seems to me that, even if he could not help you, there were a lot of better ways he could have gone about saying so nicely. You could try contacting his manager. Someone else's website suggested using feedback@bluehost.com as an email to send in complaints or suggestions. You could try that, too.

  4. So, is Godaddy ok for WordPress?

    GoDaddy's Linux hosting works perfectly fine with WordPress, however their support is non-existent, and their servers tend to be rather overloaded. I would not recommend them. And I say this as somebody who currently uses them myself for many sites. :)

  5. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    The only reason why I chose Bluehost is to support WordPress. Heck I should have just investigated more. I've been reading a LOT of complaints recently from other blogs most especially with downtime.

    Should have just donated directly to WordPress.

    I was very civil and calm and wasn't even arguing with the support for the first chat but I had to have 3 chats with this person. He just kept on ending the chat like I'm taking up so much of his time.

    Let's see then if they're going to take it out on my account. I've read a lot of posts wherein they had bad experiences with Bluehost and since they couldn't seem to get their complaints through even with direct emails to the owner of Bluehost, they get their sites wiped out. Just like that.

    I seriously hope they would start getting professional again.

    ...and 30 hours of downtime in one WP blog hosted on Bluehost...that's too much right. Shouldn't they treat me in a civil manner since I basically paid them for a year without using the hosting. (paid in advance...but it's ok...as long as they were good to me, they were before but the past months this year...the support is just too impatient...it's not like they're spoon-feeding me with tech lingo...and I've been talking with them like you would with a buddy. Tsk.)

    I'll just research on better hosting that could also support WP. Or I'll just donate directly to WP next time with a good host.

    Thanks Otto42 for the input. Some people just told me about Godaddy. But their domain transfers/acquisition is good service?

  6. whooami
    Posted 6 years ago #

    you had a bad experience with one guy named Jake, and your topic title, and argument is that Bluehost was rude.

    Bluehost was not rude, Jake was. Jake happens to work for Bluehost.

    Were it me, I wouldn't castigate the entire company publicly until I had initiated, and followed through on, some sort of complaint with Jake's supervisor.

    That's just me though.

  7. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I read somewhere that it's in Bluehost's TOS that you can't cuss.

    What if you're ranting in your blog? Bluehost would shut down your site if you use profanity? Where's the freedom of speech?!

    Makes me think if I have to use free blogs if I want to rant about anything just so I could protect my WP blog from getting abolished by my paid Bluehost account.

  8. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    whooami, as I've said in the first post, this wasn't an isolated incident.

    To clear things up, I've started experiencing bad customer support from Bluehost the past few months. It seems that they are so impatient they would end the chat in a few minutes. Unlike before, they would patiently walk you through the problem and try to troubleshoot the problem. If they really can't solve it they would pass you to another support person but they would inform you.

    Last week, I had a chat with another Bluehost support but nothing was resolved. I just saw that the chat was ended by them. I didn't heed those past few months, but as I look back, yeah...the customer support live chat hasn't been helpful recently.

  9. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am also worried because I've been reading a lot of blogs that have been experiencing a lot of downtimes from Bluehost. I'm also worried about free speech since someone's account was terminated by Bluehost without warning just because of cussing in posts. I'm worried about a lot of blogs who got terminated by Bluehost without prior notice, especially those who use too much bandwidth even though they haven't even reached the promised bandwidth allocation of Bluehost.

  10. rhayashida
    Posted 6 years ago #

    You should checkout Joyent.com they have great support and reliable hosting at great prices.

    Good Luck

  11. figaro
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've had a Bluehost account for a few years, but I just use it for testing purposes. I've never really read the TOS (like most I would imagine), but I was surprised to see that they do, in fact, prohibit profanity in the content of your site. See bullet 4 under Prohibited Uses in the tos at the link below:


  12. whooami
    Posted 6 years ago #

    regarding their TOS -- even I have been publicly critical of that. Keep in mind though, that they don't hide it, and really, it's up to the customer to read the TOS. Not to them to say, "oh btw ...".

  13. whooami
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Where's the freedom of speech?!

    The internet is not a democracy.

  14. Some people just told me about Godaddy. But their domain transfers/acquisition is good service?

    Oh yes, I use them for all my domains, and their DNS config is quite good and fast. The interface is annoying, but they at least support everything now.

  15. imwebd
    Posted 6 years ago #

    check out http://www.imwebd.com we are small but willing to work with you

  16. StrangeAttractor
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've had good experiences with HostGator. Prices are very reasonable, comes with cPanel and Fantastico, and unlimited SQL databases.

    I've heard that their customer support used to not be very good, but in the 4+ years I've been using them, I've had very good experience with them -- short wait times, people who speak English and don't just operate from a script, and seem fairly knowledgeable (including admitting when they don't know something...).

    My two cents. No commercial relationship, just been a satisfied customer.

  17. bohoe
    Posted 6 years ago #

  18. rlolson1
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have noticed lately that Bluehost has become more and more dodgy. Much slower response times and down time. Maybe it's time to seek greener pastures.

  19. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    How about the other recommended hostings by WordPress.org? WordPress Hosting

    Anyone has any experiences with these hosting companies aside from Bluehost? Thanks!

  20. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    ...and preferably a hosting company who wouldn't shut down your website without warning in case you accidentally write "f*ck" in your post. (Wonder if "bloody <insert word here>" as cursing would go under Bluehost's TOS radar?

    WTF! What if that's how I write?! F*ck!


  21. figaro
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I don't have experience with the others, but I've helped a lot of people with stuff on Bluehost accounts and I have no complaints. Unless something like the topic of this thread causes you to not be able to use them, I wouldn't discount them. They have more features in their Cpanel than any other host I've seen...just one great feature is the unlimited FTP upload through Cpanel...no FTP client needed.

    Disclaimer: I have no association with Bluehost, other than having an account with them.

    EDIT: Ooops...sorry, I didn't notice you were the originator of the post and do have a problem with the TOS.

    I've had very good experience with LiquidWeb. I have a dedicated server with them for over 4 years and manage a few shared accounts for others. They're a little more expensive, but from my experience they are good. I haven't read their TOS in detail, so check that out first :-)

  22. mikokagome04
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have both a free and paid account with Awardspace, with WordPress currently installed on both. Their Basic Hosting plan is only $3.99 per month, and in my experience, they're one of the best Web hosts out there. I also really like their control panel. ^__^

    The thing to watch out for with their free accounts, however, is their infamous "bad words list." If you accidentally post something with one of those "bad words" (such as "PayPal" or other spam-like phrases), the page is automatically blocked. Which could possibly conflict with your "freedom of speech," unfortunately.

  23. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OMG! There was already a post about Bluehost's TOS. That Bluehost is from Utah and they expect their customers to have moral standards.

    I am a Christian, but that's too much. Even if you're careful about your words in your blog hosted by Bluehost, if someone posts a comment containing "bad words" such as F*CK, then Bluehost would take your site down immediately.

    I only used Bluehost because it was HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by wordpress.org plus I wanted to help out wordpress.org.

    But this is too much! Aside from Bluehost's increasingly degrading customer service, to think that you have to be too wary of your words lest it might be a "bad word" and have your site taken down...this isn't just about freedom of speech anymore. Goodness, what the heck is a blog for? I hate to say this, but I noticed that Livejournal seems better now considering I've read some celebrity blogs with some mild "bad words". I mean, I am religious but you do acquire the language patterns of the world today most especially internet talk.

    Can someone please bring up this issue to the mods or to Matt. Should have met up with him when he visited for the Camp.

    I love wordpress and now I want wordpress.org. I haven't had the chance to use it but I know I'll be supporting this site and platform. But I am so torn as to what hosting I should buy now. I don't want to transfer my posts from free blogs into my wordpress.org blog just to have Bluehost shut my site down if in case I miss out on any of those "bad words".

    Bluehost doesn't even have a LIST of "bad words" which you could use to compare it from.

    Hell am I supposed to talk English just to avoid their bloody system? Bollocks! No pun intended. I am utterly pissed off right now. I just wasted two years of subscription.

    Please remove Bluehost from the recommended hosts on wordpress.org since there have been a lot of complaints already and the number is rising fast starting with the discovery that Bluehost's customer support is not supportive these days anymore.

    I would really appreciate a good recommendation. Thank you.

  24. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is getting ridiculous!

    Apparently your site would be shut down too if Bluehost finds the word POKER in your blog or any hints of gambling.

    OMG...I wasted 2 years of subscription on Bluehost...I wouldn't mind wasting the money if I wasn't confident that wordpress.org recommends Bluehost.

    The service is one thing, but to shut down your blogs/sites if you type just one word that they deem inappropriate...that's just too much.

    Considering they could shut you down too even if it's not in the TOS yet as what happened to the link I posted above.

    ...and why terminate a site immediately, when Bluehost sends you more than 10 email messages when your subscription or domain is about to expire but couldn't even bother to warn you about what you might be doing wrong. Sure you can read the TOS, but like in the term about profanity, what are these BANNED WORDS?!

    Can't even say sh-t now.

  25. jonradio
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I retired two years after being in Computing for 33 years, most of it in Support. So, I have a fairly good instinct for Trouble when it comes to Support provided by Web Hosting Companies.

    I looked at about 100 hosting companies 2 1/2 years ago, rejecting most of them based on the number and kinds of negative comments I saw when Googling each. I tried hard to filter out the "unreasonable customer" complaints.

    I then took a look at the web sites of the 5 or so that didn't get rejected out of the 100 on my list. I settled on resellerzoom.com and hostingzoom.com, both owned by the same company in Texas. I was originally on resellerzoom.com, and held off on hostingzoom.com's Clustered Redundancy (failover) service until they got the bugs out. But I have recently switched there, hosting about 30 web sites on a single $9.95 per month account. I had to play with .htaccess to get beyond the advertised 20 web sites, but even that was documented in their Support Forums. All 30 sites are fully hosted -- none of the ugliness of Redirection.

    Finally, the "Zoom company" was bought out about a month ago. But, by the neighbour of the previous owner, who is part of the deal, to stay on as President indefinitely.

    There was talk of GoDaddy above. Didn't they get bought out? I just transferred someone off another host that apparently bought out GoDaddy's customers. And they had the worst FTP access I've ever seen. You had to use their web-based FTP client, and it didn't set the security bits right on files it transferred to my Vista machine, making the files totally invisible to anything but a hard drive diagnostic tool. I ended up using a USB memory stick (which uses FAT32 and no security bits) to retrieve files.

    I should also mention that, given the talk of language above, that you tend to be ignored if you swear at Zoom's support people. They also tend to ignore posts in their Support forum that contain any kind of swearing/foul language.

  26. figaro
    Posted 6 years ago #

    If you want to do your own research, then a good place to start is here:


  27. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @figaro - Thanks, but I would really appreciate hosting experience with wordpress.

    @adiant - Thanks for the insight but what would you recommend as hosting? Also, I was only making my points about "bad words". I don't usually talk like that only when I've reached my limit, I think.

    mikokagome04 - Thanks, but really? The word "Paypal" would get you banned?

  28. whooami
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @figaro - Thanks, but I would really appreciate hosting experience with wordpress.


    a host is a host -- whether or not you use wordpress or not.

    Here's the scoop -- shared hosts are not going to differentiate between how they treat customer A who is running solely wordpress and customer B who is running static html.

    and IF there were to be a differentiation, the favor would probably go to the customer B.


    1. both are on shared hosting aka no hand holding allowed.
    2. very few hosts are not inclined to involve themselves in 3rd party apps aka wordpress, while even a fledgling tech can understand plain old HTML.

    re 1: you get what you pay for. I work for a host. We have clients where we do ALL the technical wordpress work for them. (thats one of my tasks) -- I even do their upgrades. Theyre also not on shared hosting -- theyre leasing servers.

    If youre looking for a very good host, with excellent support that is infrequently needed, I recommend a small orange. I no longer use any shared hosting, but if I were to go back to it -- thats where I would return to. In 10 plus years with some sort of domain on the web, theyre the best Ive found.

  29. wmvyr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @whooami - Which hosting do you work for? As for wordpress, as I've said, the only reason I went with Bluehost (aside from the "features") was because I wanted to help out wordpress.org and it's in the list of hosts recommended by wordpress.

    Also, I'm a bit concerned about hosting who will take down your site if you accidentally use one of their "banned words"...just found out that Bluehost will take down your site without warning if there's a single word of f*ck in your whole site even if it's from user comments and Bluehost has no list of words that shouldn't be used in your site while you're hosted with them. Apparently the word "poker" would get your site taken down too. Refer to previous posts.

    Thanks for the recommendation whooami. That's 2 people suggesting a small orange. I'll check it out.

  30. whooami
    Posted 6 years ago #

    correction on my typo above:

    ... very few hosts are inclined ...

    Which hosting do you work for?

    I dont tell people online who i work for. I refuse to be dooced either by accident or otherwise. So other than general insights .. my lips are sealed. No talking about work for me. :P

    I can tell you who I dont work for though -- bluehost, godaddy, aso, etc.. :)

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