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    BlueHost has taken steps against hackers. They now “whitelist” IP numbers for accessing databases, and if you aren’t on the whitelist you can’t access the database.

    What does this mean to WordPress users? (and actually users of ANY program that accesses a database) This means that you have to get your IP approved by emailing their support department:

    1. Every single time you want to post, comment, or do anything in admin if you happen to be on a dialup connection or any other connection where you don’t have a static IP.
    2. Every time you want to post from a location other than your “home base” ie when you’re travelling and on wireless.
    3. Hmm . . . email posts? Dunno if that’s affected, but I suspect it might be.
    4. Dunno about commenting either . . .

    This came up when I was setting up a site for a client on a new BlueHosting account. I’m urging him to switch. Yes, we all want safe servers but not at the cost of making it impossible for real users to easily access.

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  • Are you sure about that? If you’re using WordPress installed on a BlueHost server, it should be BlueHost’s own server that is directly accessing the database, not your computer.



    Yeah, that’s what you’d think.

    Yet the IP number their “tool” gives me is my own.



    I noticed that suddenly I was unable to access my FTP account. I was getting an error message about only being able to use a certain IP. I emailed them and they told me to use passive mode, and it got fixed.
    But I haven’t had any issues about accessing anything.
    everything’s cool here.

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